How can your body Burn fat quickly?

burn fat quickly

We’ve all know that we need to drink lots of water every day and that sleep is good us if we really want to burn fat quickly and drop weight quickly. In fact, many of us are probably at that point where we want to say, “Alright.

Tell me something new, why don’t you?” Let us the first to say that we feel you. While the usual tips are great ones (that’s why they keep getting shared, after all), sometimes you just want another way to help you beat the bloat and improve your self-esteem so that you don’t get tempted to turn to unhealthy means of losing weight. Here are some uncommon tips to help you burn fat quickly and safely.

Tip #1: Perform 36 Push-Ups and 36 Lunges Every Other Day

Lunges and push-ups have become staples in gym-class and in strength workouts for a very good reason: they’re effective. Not only do these exercises help sculpt your muscles to give you a longer and lean appearance, they also work major muscle groups to help build your lean muscle mass.

As we all now, the more lean muscle mass you have, the more caloric burn you have whether you’re at work or at rest. One great and simple way to build overall strength and sculpt your body at the same time is to do a total of 36 push-ups and 36 lunges on alternating days. For example, you can do your 36 push-ups on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays while your lunges can be saved for Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Altogether, you work on your whole body throughout the week.

Just a quick reminder: make sure that you perform these exercises with proper form to make sure that you get the most out of each repetition and get as much improvement in your muscle tone as possible. You can also add free weights to your lunges or modify your push-ups when they start getting easy.

Tip #2: Choose One Food to Sacrifice from Your Everyday Diet

Sometimes, there’s huge benefits in the little changes that you make in your lifestyle. One simple change that you can make in your daily life is to choose one indulgence that you have and cut it out of your diet. It could be that bag of chips that always seem to have with your lunch sandwich or that cookie that you love to grab after dinner.

Whatever it is, regardless of what meal in the day you typically indulge in it, cut it out. Ditching just one of your indulgences can rid you of a few hundred calories from your everyday eating. Less calories equals less flab, and that’s one equation that we can all love and stick by. Trust us, your body won’t notice the difference nor will it miss it.

You can also add more indulgences to cut out as the weeks go by. Maybe try cutting one indulgence out every two weeks and when that starts getting easier you can start letting them go weekly until you’re a lean and clean eating machine.

Tip #3: Chew on an Anti-Gas Pill

Now here’s one you’ve probably not heard of before. Do you know those little chewable tablets that you can grab over the counter at your local drug store when you’ve got gas? Well guess what folks, they can actually help you achieve a flatter stomach thanks to science.

These tablets are effective at relieving bloating in your stomach and breaking up the gas bubbles that are sitting around in your digestive tract. Take note! This only helps if you’re suffering from bloating and gas. This isn’t an end all, be all solution to your weight loss journey, so don’t go popping anti-gas pills like it’s some new diet trend, okay?

Tip #4: Stop Watching So Much TV

There was a study some time ago conducted in which a group of 76 undergraduate students discovered that the more television they watched, the more often they ate. This, of course, resulted in the said group of students consuming much more food than they usually would. As it turns out, when you watch TV, you’re more prone to mindless eating and you’re also much more likely to give in to a craving that you’re having.

The easy fix? Try watching one less hour of TV than usually do per day. Skip that one episode of a TV show that you’re not even really that into and spend it outdoors walking instead. Not only are you avoiding the temptation to snack, you’re also allowing your body to benefit from all the great things that walking can do for you. If you decide that you simply can’t miss the episode, then find a way to exercise while you’re watching TV. Happy compromise, right?

Tip #5: Eat Foods That Are Rich in Water

This one’s a bit of an obvious one and yet we’re astounded that so few people seem to think of it. Chowing down on water-rich foods like cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon or similar isn’t just better for you, it also helps you to reduce your overall calorie consumption because you’re filling up on healthy, low-calorie foods.

You may be wondering why your body doesn’t react the same way when you’re downing glass after glass of water. Well, the simple answer is that our bodies don’t register nor process hunger and thirst in the same way. As much as we’d like them to, our bodies aren’t going to consume a full glass of water and register it in the same way as it would when you eat the water equivalent in cucumber form.

For one, vegetables and fruits still have more fiber and for another, isn’t it more satisfying to chew on something with flavor anyways? One easy way to fill up on water rich food is to make a salad out of them or to cook up a soup. An example of a water-rich salad is a watermelon salad with basic, cucumber, onions and feta cheese. Try it, it’s delicious too!