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Did you know that this is a type of cabbage? Brussels sprouts belongs to the cabbage group though grown on stalks and can be harvested several times within one year. In fact they somehow taste like cabbage except that they are a bit bitter. Their bitterness is where the real challenge is especially when it comes to selecting and eventually cooking them.

Improve the bitterness via broiling or better still, cooking with additional spices like turmeric for a finger licking taste.  Low heat and very minimal time is good enough in order not to diminish the nutrient value in them. Take this veggies for numerous vitamins essentials like vitamin C, B6,A and K. They are also well known for manganese, potassium, flavonoids as well as polyphenolic elements.

Selecting the best Brussels sprouts needs a little caution just to ensure that you get it fresh and complete with all its nutrients. Quality type should be vivid green and one that is tightly closed to prevent air from penetrating the inner core. If not tight enough, the leaves can open up after some time, enabling in air that can again turn its green colour to yellow.  Use a refrigerator to store them while in a bag that’s air tight so as to preserve their nutritional values.

Their preparation ranges from broiling, frying, roasting or steaming. Just keep watch not to overcook them in order to leave the polyphenolic compounds in place. This is a component that aids in the prevention and cure of cancer.  Brussels sprout can be served along with meat dishes, fish or beans and taken with any starch of your choice. Apart from its delicious taste, many people go for Brussels for its nutritional benefits which include:

Brussels Sprout lowers risks of cancer

The presence of polyphenolic makes these veggies the perfect option to manage colon cancer, ovarian, breast cancer among others. This green component acts as a barrier of cancerous cells thereby inhibiting their growth. Just as little as a cup a day can help in lowering cancer risks and improving your health as a whole.

It boosts the immune system

High levels of vitamin C and A components make this veggie a powerful booster that can speed up production of white blood cells. These cells are responsible for maintaining healthy conditions within the body and preventing diseases. When it comes to detoxifying the body, this kind of veggies cleanses the body effectively, thanks to the vitamin C which is otherwise an antioxidant.

For blood clotting

The inability of the body to make clots whenever there is a cut can be a dangerous affair if proper medication is not given. Regular intake of Brussels sprout however has cleared this doubt and the presence of vitamin K components ensures that your blood is able to clot whenever necessary.  The inability of blood clotting may pose numerous risks especially to those who nose bleed often.

Bone formation and strengthening

The numerous minerals that this vegetable contains, especially copper and manganese are the basis of strong bones. Take Brussels for strong teeth as well as proper bone formation, preventing the common deficiencies. As long as bone mineral density loss is prevented, chances are that you will grow both strong bones and muscles to keep you healthy and active as well. It also aids in the faster growth of permanent teeth especially after losing the first milk teeth.

Metabolism speed up

This vegetable contains very high constitute of vitamin B family which is responsible for healthy metabolism. When combined with the fibre element in this vegetable, the collection aids in digestion and prevention of constipation as well.  Improved metabolism rate would mean an enhanced performance of most if not all organs of the body.


The glucosinolates substance found in this vegetable is useful in regulating the body’s inflammatory conditions. These include arthritis, oxidative stress and gout which can easily be managed by occasionally consuming this vegetable.

Diabetes management

Brussels contain an antioxidant which works by lowering levels of glucose and in turn increasing the sensitivity of insulin. Additional exercising and reduced sugar intake is also key when dealing with diabetes management. At times, it is recommended that these patients stay on diet while managing their condition.

Maintaining vision

If you are the type that cannot visualize well at night, then stick to Brussels soup for greater visibility. The vitamin C present in this veggies helps by improving the condition of the eyes as well as providing increased protection over eye damage against UV light.

Healthier skin

Almost all vegetables are good in this function as they naturally nourish the body with fresh vitamin C nutrients. If you want to look younger for very many years, just incorporate Brussels into you r diet. It is powerful in clearing skin damage from harsh or hot weather conditions. You can also enjoy the benefits of reduced wrinkles and the overall skin texture improvement that’s made possible from collagen formation.

Weight loss efforts

This veggie has a compacted dietary fibre making it a perfect choice to take any time including breakfast . The fibre acts by stimulating hormone release from the body thereby making you feel full for longer hours. This is a good mechanism for driving off the habit of snacking in between meals thereby improving a healthy lifestyle. However, there are other healthy snacks that you can enjoy and still avoid weight gain.

Brussels sprout, being a fresh vegetable is packed with tons of nutrients that the body needs throughout. Its many vitamin components makes this vegetable such a very important element in our every day diets. However, those who are under blood clotting medication, it is advisable to evade Brussels as it contains vitamin K which works well in prevention of blood clotting.

Whether Brussels contain all round nutrients, it is still important to stick to a healthy eating plan comprising of all the necessary food groups. Eating healthy needs lots of considerations like taking the correct portions and also ensuring that you balance your diet. Brussels sprout is just one of the vegetables to consider for a healthy eating plan.

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