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It’s a new year, and one of the most popular new years resolutions that people make at the start of the year, in many countries all over the World, is to go to the gym. They either go to these health centres for gym fitness, or they go to these centres so that they can tone their bodies. But, the most common reason that people choose gym fitness as their new years resolution, is, because they want to lose weight.

Losing weight is something that many people aspire to at the new year, however, most people do not achieve this dream. Studies show that most people do not achieve their new years resolutions. It shows that only around 8% of people achieve their new years resolutions. Therefore, what makes people achieve their gym fitness goals? What separates these people apart from those who don’t achieve their gym fitness goals?

There are a few things which determine whether someone will achieve their new years resolutions for gym fitness, and not achieving them. The first step to achieve those fitness goals, is to write them down. Too many people don’t write them down. They have a vague dream of ‘I want to lose weight this year, by going to the gym.’ And that’s the first problem, it’s vague.

To achieve something like that, you should be writing the goal down first. Then, you should be asking yourself several questions. These questions include things such as, ‘Why do I want to achieve this goal?’ ‘What do I expect from achieving this goal?’ ‘When do I want to achieve this goal by? Is it a month, several months? A year?’ Realistically, how long will it take for you to achieve your gym fitness goals.

Most people give up their fitness goals at new year within two weeks of going to the gym, many more drop out by the end of January. While, a small percentage last throughout the year and achieve their goals. Why? Because they aren’t realistic. They don’t see the results that they want within two weeks, or a month, and give up. If you haven’t been working out for a long time, or, if you haven’t ever taken up fitness, it’s not reasonable to think that you’ll achieve your fitness goals, or weight loss goals in a short period of time.

Think about it, no one becomes fit and has a toned body without working on it for a long period of time. It’s an art, at art takes time. You wouldn’t expect to suddenly become an Olympian without any work, would you? So, why would you expect to get the results, of you haven’t put the work in.

And that’s the second reason why most people fail at their new years gym fitness resolutions, they don’t put the work in. If you don’t put the work in, then you won’t get the results. It’s that simple. To be healthy and fit all of the time, you have to keep up at it. That doesn’t mean that you have to work out 24/7. But it does mean that you should be doing exercise on a consistent basis.

Establishing a new routine takes time, it’s estimated that it takes up to a month to establish a routine. Changing your habits it’s difficult, it’s going to take willpower and work, but, it is possible. If you put consistent effort in during the first month, then you eventually stick at it. The first few days and weeks are the most difficult part, but once you change those, you will succeed.

There are many benefits to working out regularly. An excellent benefit is, that it makes you feel better. You will be releasing dopamine from your body once you exercise; dopamine makes you feel better. It releases feel good chemicals in your brain. That is an excellent benefit.

Another excellent benefit, is that regular exercise will help you sleep at night. Often when we can’t sleep at night, it’s due to not enough energy being burned throughout the day. Doing some form of exercise in the evening, will burn some exercise and help you to sleep better at night.

Another benefit is that you will not only better your physical health, you will also benefit your mental health. Working out has been proven to have excellent benefits for your mental health. It’s good for your mental health, particularly if you are outside. Too often we think about looking after our body and forget that we should also be looking after our mental health.

If you are going to start looking after your physical health, then start to look after your mental health too. Both your mental health and physical life is intertwined, therefore, if you start looking after one part of the body, such as your physical health, then you will inevitably start looking after the other part of your body (your mind). But, there are other ways you can focus more on your mind more.

One of the ways that you can do this, is by taking up yoga. Yoga is available at most gyms, therefore, it’s accessible to you if you buy a gym memberships. Yoga intentionally works to benefit both your physical health and your mental health. The goal of yoga is to create a healthy body and a healthy mind.

If you want to strengthen both your mind and your body at the same time, then yoga is the perfect tool for you. You could also take up meditation classes, which will also help to work on creating a healthy mind. Both yoga and meditation have been found by psychologists to benefit the mind.

In conclusion, taking up gym fitness gives you many benefits. There is a lot to offer when you take part in the gym, such as it creating a healthy body and a healthy mind for you. It’s not too late to start, and to create this as a new years resolution. So, why not get started today!


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