Great Ideas for Healthy Smoothies Recipes For Weight Loss


Whenever you hear the word Healthy smoothies, there is no denying that you taste your favorite ingredients in your mouth in that unique texture and consistency. Smoothies are not only delicious but they can also spice up your weight loss plan nicely. This is because there are so many different smoothies for weight loss that you could try out. Easy to prepare, yet very healthy and tasty, smoothies can make you look forward to losing weight while enjoying something refreshing and satisfying. You can have a smoothie for breakfast or as a snack, and the options are literally endless. Here are some ideas for great smoothie recipes for weight loss that you could prepare at home:

Great Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Blueberries and bananas smoothie

Healthy Smoothies

Half a cup of blueberries and one banana, combined with half a cup of oats, and some walnuts for added taste. Just mix along with one and a half cups of unsweetened almond milk and you have a tasty smoothie full of nutritious ingredients. 

Green smoothies

Nothing beats the vitamins and nutrients found in spinach, kale, cucumber and celery. Combine them with some grapes and a green apple, a banana and kiwi, and you have an awesome taste. To mix them into a smooth texture add some Greek yogurt and water.

Berries smoothies

Berries are well known for their nutritious properties and their incomparable taste. There are several varieties of smoothies that you can prepare in smoothie format. Some of the most common mixtures include strawberries, blueberries and beets, combined with some almonds and coconut water. Another variation comprises blueberries and strawberries with some oats, ginger and for those who prefer even more vitamins, a handful of spinach.

The P smoothies

a cup of papaya, half a peach and half a pear, (all start with the letter P, thus the name), combined with a teaspoon of ginger, some mint leaves and half a cup of greek yogurt for a super tasty smoothie.



As you may see most ingredients are mentioned more than once in different smoothies. Ultimately you can get creative and mix away whatever you find. Fruits and vegetables give that unique taste and when combined with nuts, you have even more deliciousness. Generally spinach and cucumber are the mildest flavored veggies. Smoothies give you energy, healthy fats and help your body absorb vitamins. They also give you a healthy start to your day if you take one for breakfast, or a much needed filling snack between main meals.

Smoothies are very convenient as they are easy to prepare. Just stock up your kitchen cupboards with fresh fruits and vegetables, invest in a


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