Foods that burn fat to Include in Your Diet


As many of us know but seem to hard headed to follow, a lean, fit and healthy body isn’t built in the gym alone. Nutrition is absolutely crucial in all aspects of your health so whether you want to lose weight or put muscle mass on, what you eat will determine how successful you are in your goals.

When it comes to burning fat and getting lean, however, there are certain foods that you can add to your diet that will help you incinerate fat much faster. Ready to get started on your ideal body? Hunker down and take notes on how these foods and ingredients can help you rev up your metabolism.

Go Loco for Coco Oil

Can you hear the angels singing or is that just us? There’s a lot to celebrate when it comes to coconut oil. Apart from being one of the top oils to use in terms of overall all healthiness, it’s also the most effective oil at increasing your metabolism. Studies found in the Journal of Endocrinology have also shown that coconut oil can elevate growth hormones, for muscle-strengthening in particular, for up to four hours.

As we all know, the more muscles you have in your body, the higher your fat-burning potential. If you’re not into cooking with coconut oil, one great way to add this to your diet is by adding a spoonful to your smoothie or to your coffee before heading to the gym.

Dig into Some Cottage Cheese

Who says cottage cheese is for the old folk only? If there were ever a time to start chowing down on this creamy, cheesy delight again, now would be it. Not only is it naturally low fat, cottage cheese is also extremely high in protein, which makes it the perfect fuel for your muscles. It’s a bit odd to think about this way, but it’s probably the most apt: more cottage cheese = more burpee reps. Some additional benefits?

Cottage cheese is high in calcium and has been known to increase cognitive functions especially in stressful situations. Add a serving of cottage cheese to your morning bowl of fruits or sprinkle some over your avocado toast as an easy way to refuel throughout the day.

Get Nutty for Peanut Butter

As unfortunate as it is, peanut butter often gets a bad reputation as a high source of sugar and bad-for-you fat. While we will concede to the fact that peanut butter is pretty high in calories, it’s actually incredible for your body if you know how much of it you should have and how to utilize it in your diet. Peanut butter is super packed with mono saturated fats and protein.

By these virtues alone, peanut butter is fantastic for people who need to lose weight and burn fat. It’s even more beneficial for men as peanut butter can increase testosterone production in the body, which means even faster muscle growth and higher fat burn. Just remember that portion control is key. As the saying goes, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

The best way to incorporate peanut butter into your diet if you’re trying to burn fast as effectively as possible is to use it as a snack. When hunger strikes, the versatility of peanut butter will be an asset to your daily diet. Oh, and don’t forget to get an all-natural, sugar-free version of this treat.

Hit the Spice Rack

What do ginger, cinnamon and cayenne pepper have in common? Apart for being absolutely delicious additions to your meals, they’re also great at helping you burn more fat. Wondering why?

Simply explained, these spices trigger something called a thermogenic effect in our bodies. Once the thermogenic effect is triggered, our bodies begin to ramp up its expenditure of energy as well as fat oxidation. At the same time, it combats our body’s tendency store fat through proper regulation of our body’s insulin levels.

You can start incorporating these spices in your daily diet by sprinkling a spice or two onto your protein or even by adding some cinnamon to your breakfast fruits. What’s awesome about utilizing these spices is that you only need a small amount to give your system the jump start that it needs. When it comes to cinnamon, a teaspoon will do while just 14 grams of cayenne pepper can do your system wonders.

Go for Quinoa

foods that burn fat

If you’re searching for a great base for your meals that will help you burn tons of fat, quinoa is likely the answer. This often over looked food might be simple in appearance, but it’s actually got a huge secret that makes it a powerhouse food when it comes to turning our digestive system into a fat burning machine.

The secret toquinoa’s capacity to help our bodies burn more fat lies in ecdysterone – a steroid that occurs naturally in this food product. Now don’t freak out just yet. Remember this is a naturally occurring steroid, so it’s nothing to be concerned about. The way this steroid in particular works is through performance optimization.

When we consume ecdysterone, it allows our bodies to increase nitrogen retention while increasing the synthesis of proteins as well. This is why nutritionists, coaches and athletes generally recommend upping protein consumption when taking this.

Incredibly, this natural steroid also increases our body’s strength and endurance, meaning we’ll get the most out of workouts. In the long run, what this means is that your body has a higher capacity to burn calories so you can look forward to a higher metabolism and more fat burn even if you’re just sitting around the house.

The best way to utilize quinoa is to pair it with your favorite source of lean protein like chicken, fish or tenderloin. Vegetarian? No problem. Use quinoa as a base and top it with chickpeas and other high protein veggies for a delicious and muscle-building Buddha bowl. Eating this way just three times a week can help you get lean fast.


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