Five Reasons You Should Drink More Water

drink more water

Weather you deem water as food or a drink, the fact of the matter is that it is very important to the body. It actually constitutes about 70 percent of the body and is the sole makeup of blood and other important fluids entirely. It is so needed by the body such that even if you were to do dry fasting, water would still come in somewhere.

The backbone of a healthy life begins with hydration as this is what makes it possible for the body to work, move and digest food concurrently. There are tons of good issues that water brings forth and which cannot go on well if we don’t get enough nourishment from this common fluid. So why is it such an important element that the body can’t do without?

Here are the Reasons to drink more water

Boosts the immune system

Those who take water often are less likely to experience headaches, get flu or other ailments related to heart attacks. This is because it helps the body system to function in the right manner as every cell and all the other organs need water to keep up to the task.

It is fuel to the body which keeps it going long distances and a drop, would lead to scenarios like headaches, stress or constipation. Acting as a lubricant, water regulates the body temperature and plays a major role in digestion via assisting the passing of food components from the mouth to the stomach and intestines alike.

What about movements? No, you can’t go longer miles if your body doesn’t contain the required amount of water.  The knee joints, elbow and any other joint needs water to lubricate them and give it the motion it requires.

Increases energy

Water is a remedy for fatigue and has an instant impact when you are really derailed from heavy workload. It works first from your brain by putting it in a relaxed state then extending the feeling to the entire body.

It is the norm for tones of water to get lost from the body during the normal day activities. The only way to replenish the lost water is via drinking some more so that you don’t tire your system. If it is left to dehydration state, the body mechanism will sluggish such that fatigue will be the order of the day.

The greatest symptom of dehydration is tiredness and once you reach this state, nothing will eventually move on; even your work will be at standstill, with some people recording mild sickness and boredom altogether.

Take water as a detox

Detoxing by means of water is the cheapest and simplest method that brings tons of benefits so far. One beneficial area is the kidney, whose work is to clear the body of impurities and any toxins.

The kidney does this through filtering and mark you it clears the body of up to 150 quarts of fluid. Water is therefore the number one remedy for a healthy kidney which if doesn’t function properly, the body is left with a pile of toxins which ends up being harmful to the human health.

Come to think of chronic kidney diseases and others that lead to kidney failure? Isn’t the remedy a kidney transplant or dialysis? Just imagine that you can prevent all these huge burdens by taking only 8 glasses of water a day.

Water helps in weight loss

Yes, take water and control your weight in the most manageable way. Besides being packed with lots of minerals, water is the perfect option if you want to burn more calories without starving yourself. For a quick response, take cold water and let your body get down to the task. It is said that cold water lets your body use more calories to actually warm it up and make it attain conducive body temperature.

Water, when taken before meals also contributes to keeping fit as it fills up the stomach halfway. When you finally get to eating, your body will only take up what it requires, thereby promoting a healthy lifestyle that is full of gain and no pain.

It also aids in digestion and so whatever food you eat will be utilized as needed as long as the body contains adequate amount of water required for various duties.  These may include extraction of excessive fats among other weight loss related issues.

To sleep better and reduce stress

Those who hardly take water usually experience difficulties in sleeping. Water is a good relaxer and because fatigue is the norm of the day, the brain at times gets exhausted to the fullest. When the body is at rest, the brain is left to do the math and work tirelessly.

Therefore taking water during the day promotes a good sleep at night and lets your brain get busy analyzing the day’s memories. Staying hydrated is also associated with reduction in stress and depression because it increases the cortisol level making stress management easy. Cortisol is the major hormone that is associated with relaxing the brain and giving comfort to the body.

If stress is left unmanaged, there will be a faster heart beat which can put more strain in breathing mechanism. The end product of all these are heart related conditions like high blood pressure, cancer and heart failure.

I concur whenever it is mentioned that ‘water is life’ and surely it is. All that is needed is a little effort to ensure that you are good to go. The body should however be tuned to the proper habit of water plan.

The best time to start off is in the morning when you get up. Take a glass of water for a healthy plan to kick start your day; and a glass every thirty minutes before meals to ensure that the food you are about to eat gets a good aid for digestion purposes. Once this becomes a habit, you will be amazed at the few trips you will be making to your doctor.


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