Five Popular Unhealthy Snacks to Avoid


People have become very busy nowadays with work and other activities that they barely have time to cook natural foods. On the other hand, doctors and nutritionists sing all the time how we should watch our weight and keep fit to avert health related complications like heart diseases.

Other conditions like depression and anxiety could also rise from the wrong kinds of food we consume. Many at times people who find themselves in such situations do not know how to handle these cases and often opt for medication even though there are other simple ways to help curb these conditions like healthy snacking. However, in an effort to curb cravings and kill the pangs of hunger, we are bound to rush for whatever snack that we can lay our hands on. Take these five snack foods are a no go zone if you really want to stay healthy.

Hamburger paradise

In a fast food restaurant, a simple hamburger is quite reasonable. In a popular outlet like Mac Donald’s, it can contain up to 50 calories with sensible saturated fat content and a reasonable protein serving. To even a layman, this is not being healthy conscious. To decrease the amount of calories typical of fast food hamburgers, it’s prudent to do away with the extras that increase the overall calorie count of food.

For instance, you can forfeit the slices of cheese that come in handy with the hamburger and with that you can save up to 40 calories. You can further reduce the calorie by 25 by excluding the mayonnaise from your burger. Furthermore, you can save another 60 calorie by eating your hamburger on half a burn. Otherwise, you’ll be doing your body more harm than good if you decide to stick to all these calorie filled contents.


Pizzas come in various shapes and sizes with different toppings, the base being bread, tomato and cheese. Scan the various healthy fast food choices and you will ultimately find a selection with a thin crust and only tomatoes and vegetables, popularly known as the vegetarian pizza. The fun part is that the menu creates options and so you can easily eliminate the meat topping and replace with olives, onions, veggies and peppers to create a truly remarkable healthy pizza. But all the same, that is just a drop of ink in the ocean because the base comprising of bread and cheese are still intact. Because of high volumes of cheese used in the composition, pizza can increase your cholesterol level thereby causing some strain on the heart.

Chicken delight

Chicken sandwiches and chicken nuggets dominate the fast food arena. It is almost impossible to pass up the finger-leaking good highly spiced chicken. This is indeed full of calories and the prudent way to cut back the extra 120 calories is to avoid the burn altogether. Many healthy fast food choices encourage their customers to eliminate extra calories when ordering chicken by avoiding the rich creamy sauces that accompany them. I’d rather add to it that you avoid the entire snack and replace it with something natural and healthy.  For one, the spoil starts at the frying point with this snack being exposed to tons of fat. Frequent consumption could lead to potential health risks like high blood pressure and weight gain.

Potato chips

Are very popular snacks in deed and a favourite of both the young and the old. Chips are enjoyable when taken hot and the additional toppings of tomato sauce or chilli makes it a perfect snack when pangs of hunger strike. Their overall performance is little nutritional value, no fibre at all and protein being about 2 grams. Containing up 9 grams of fat and up to 50 calories, chips can increase the risks of heart related illness. It is also an avenue for being obese and overweight especially if no workout is done over duration of time.


Are also very popular and can fill up that empty stomach very fast; but is it really filling or bloating? Pretzels are high in sodium, as high as 20 % of daily sodium intake, which reacts to your hunger thirst by increasing the water retention within the bladder. What you feel after one serving is puffiness and bloats, while extensive sodium intake can cause various heart diseases over a given duration of time.

Curb pretzels craving by going for shelled pistachios which have up to twice the quantity of protein in pretzels and three times its fibre. This is a smart way to keep full for long and at the same time, get adequate nutritional values.

Snacking helps in weight control as you are able to control your hunger increase and let it subside via taking a quick snack. Though most of the time we find ourselves grabbing the wrong kinds, which instead of adding nutritional values, deprive our bodies of the necessary benefits. The best form of snacking is to take healthy, unprocessed snacks if you really want to control your weight.

To avoid landing on any unhealthy snack, control the ingredients like for example, you can eliminate some toppings on your humbugger to keep the cholesterol down. Or rather, keep rejuvenated right from morning by taking lots of fibre to keep the fuel going for long.

Why eating healthy snacks is better?

Another better idea is to always carry some healthy snacks from home or health restaurant so that you bring down issues of food cravings. Any time you feel hungry, just pick your healthy snack and let keep on working as before. Control of cravings is also possible with small amount of snacks as this will make your metabolism stable as desired.

There is no bad thing as craving food when you are dam hungry as this can make you eat an equivalent of a whole cow. This much eating is what causes obese and then the health problems start and the story rolls on. Healthy snacks recipes would include fruits, nuts, vegetables and whole grains which are essentially beneficial to your body mechanism.

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