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Arguably one of the biggest names in the fitness industry, Life Fitness is a leader in American fitness equipment that was founded in 1977. Known for developing the industry’s first ever electronic stationary bike, the company manufactures their equipment in 12 different facilities around the world to meet the needs of gyms across the earth.

The company believes to innovate and develop great products, it’s crucial to keep the exercisers in mind alongside commercial fitness facilities. By keeping this at the forefront of their mission, they provide fantastic solutions to get people of all shapes, sizes and nationalities leading healthier and more active lives.

Whether you’re shopping for a community gym that you’re looking to put up or simply searching for exercise equipment to build your dream home gym, Life Fitness has awesome solutions to meet your needs. Check out some of our favorite Life Fitness equipment below.

Hammer Strength

For over 25 years, Hammer Strength has been building up elite athletes and individuals who have the drive, desire and determination to train like one. Hammer Strength is all about rugged performance strength training. Not only can this gear take everything that pro athletes have to dish out, they’re also great for helping exercisers get to their goal level of strength.

Created by Gary Jones in 1989, the equipment moves organically, following the way the body is meant to move, since they were designed and constructed with biomechanics in mind. Hammer Strength gear includes HD Elite Racks, which are perfect individuals or group training for people who want to kick up the intensity, as well as the HD Athletic set up, which is comprised of heavy-duty racks and rigs that are easily configured in various combinations.

The HD Athletic set up is great for training multiple athletes of varying fitness levels. The Hammer Strength line up of gear also includes the Ground Base machine, a plate loaded piece of equipment that helps the user stay planted on the ground while maximizing their balance and explosive power while lifting weights. Selectorized weight stack machines are also available on the Hammer Strength Line as well as accessories like weight plates, benches and racks.


If you want to make your gym an energetic group training destination, then we really recommend looking into the SYNRGY360. A groundbreaking piece of equipment, the SYNRGY360 is available in multiple sizes and configurations and creates a fun, memorable and meaningful workout experience for all those who come across it. Our favorite configuration is, without a doubt, the XL, which has 8 incredible training spaces built into it. The training spaces include a 10-handle monkey bar zone, two spaces for suspension training, battle rope attachments, step-up platforms, boxing bag connectors, chin up bars and more.

If you’ve got a small space, this is a great way to make the most of your space as well, simply because you get so much in just one set up. What we love about the SYNRGY360 is that you can customize the add-ons and stations according to your preferences. Don’t want a rock grip chin-up bar? Switch it with a suspension chin up bar. Don’t want a dip handle? Switch it up with a power pivot. It all boils down to what you want in your set up and what will best work for your gym or your home. You can also combine the SYNRGY360 unit with cable stations like the Cable Crossover Boom to build a bad-ass training environment.

Indoor Cycles Powered by ICG

There’s no way that Life Fitness’ Indoor Cycles wouldn’t make this list. After all, this is what got Life Fitness on the map in the first place. Today, Life Fitness continues to innovate with their state-of-the-art indoor cycles. The ICG line is a fleet of seven indoor cycling bikes that have won awards for their striking and sleek design as well as an enhanced digital experience that will excite small group training classes.

The line has a unique Coach by Color intensity guide which gives real-time feedback to help the exercises and coach analyze performance at every use. The innovative WattRate Direct Power Meter included in this line of Indoor Cycles provides users with advanced power metrics.  If you want the absolute best for your gym, you can go all out by fitting your gym with a robust digital experience. Connections are available for the IC5, IC6 and IC7 bikes so you can take your group class from the gym to the streets in a matter of seconds. Talk about cutting edge!

Other awesome things about the Indoor Cycles powered by ICG include their Poly-V Belt Drive. The drive allows each ICG bike to transfer tons of torque smoothly while also requiring much less maintenance. The belt drive is also much more quiet than other drive systems in the market today. Another feature is the Optimal Q Factor which refers to the distance between a person’s feet when they sit on the cycle and pedal. These bikes use a Q Factor of 155 mm which results in a much smoother, comfortable and natural ride for exercisers.

GX Cardio Line

life fitness

It’s no secret that Life Fitness’ cardio exercise equipment are awesome. We’ve got a soft spot for the GC line, which is perfect to set up in a group exercise setting. The line is designed to maximize small and large spaces alike with products that can be mixed and matched. Each piece in this group exercise line features a uniform design so that it can stand cohesively with the other pieces in the line and maintain a coherent look and feel for your home gym or commercial facility.

The pieces are also made to complement each other and give a holistic approach to cardiovascular exercises. Did we mention that the pieces are great with mobility? All of the equipment in this line moves easily so whether you need to reformat the layout of your facility or simply need to put your rower away at home, you can move the items without breaking your back. We love the stationary bike, the upper cycle and the water rower in particular of this line in particular.


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