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We don’t know about you, but when it comes to our dream fitness or exercise equipment, the list is endless. While there’s definitely no shortage of equipment out there in the market, the challenge these days is finding a single place that carries pretty much every piece of equipment imaginable while still being able to cater to people with varying budgets. After all, not everyone can drop hundreds of dollars on exercise equipment and not everyone wants to do that either. Not to mention the fact that we don’t all have the time or patience to be running from one shop to another just to grab all the equipment we need. Lucky for gym owners and fitness enthusiasts like us, such a place does exist, and it’s called Fitness Depot.

What is Fitness Depot

If you’re looking for a haven for every piece of exercise equipment imaginable, Fitness Depot is it. Not only are they the largest retailer of specialty fitness and exercise equipment in all of North America, they also offer their products at the lowest prices in the region. No folks, we’re not exaggerating, they really do. In fact, they guarantee that they’ve got the lowest prices. The company started in the early 90’s in Canada when the founders applied the depot/warehouse concept to fitness retailing. Additionally, they are the first (and currently are the only) big box fitness specialty sellers in Canada. The company’s great success in Canada led to the establishment of their very first US store in 2014 when Fitness Depot opened in Dallas, Texas.

What We Love About Fitness Depot

We’ve really got to hand it to Fitness Depot when it comes to their commitment to their customers. They go well out of their way to make sure that they give clients access to the best brands that the fitness industry has to offer at the most affordable prices in the market. Not only do they succeed at this, they also make sure that the products they sell exceed the standards of their buyers while providing long lasting value at the same time. At the end of the day, their utmost priority and passion is to guarantee that they always exceed the expectations of their customers. So, how do they do this? Check out how and why we love them below.

Over 2,300 Product Choices

When they say that you can shop at Fitness Depot with confidence, they really mean it. Fitness Depot boasts an impressive repertoire of over 2,300 product choices, and this number goes up daily. This is because Fitness Depot strives to provide their customers with the most relevant and innovative fitness products and choices in the entire North American hemisphere. They also focus on making sure that they have the most recommended industry-leading brands in the market such as Northern Lights, Freemotion, Nordic Track, Inspire Fitness, Matric and Concept II. They also carry popular brands like TRX, BOSU, Rumble Roller, True Fitness, Life Fitness, Precor, Century Martial Arts, Powerblock, Teeter Inversion, SKLZ, Octane Fitness and Sport Op.

How is Fitness Depot able to pull a repertoire of products like this off? Well, it starts with their buyers. The depot is staffed with many buyers that spend months at a time travelling the world in search of new fitness equipment to stock their store with. Not only does this ensure that the depot is always up-to-date, it also makes sure that they keep up with the ever evolving and changing industry.

Professional and Savvy Fitness Consultants

You can have a great product and a great vision, but without the support of fantastic staff you’ll never go anywhere. This is something that Fitness Depot is well aware of. As such, they’ve staffed their stores with sales associates and store managers that aren’t just knowledgeable about fitness equipment and what’s best for their clients, they’re also passionate about helping customers find the solutions they need for their facilities or home gyms. We’d probably go as far as to say that they’re fanatically passionate, actually, as their own lives are immersed in fitness, healthy living, and helping others achieve that for themselves.

When you pay a visit to Fitness Depot, the sales associates will greet you warmly and welcome you to explore all that they have to offer. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to fit out a full gym or simply need that new fitness band that everyone’s talking about, they’ll treat each customer with the same care and respect. Have specific requirements that you need met? No problem! Fitness Depot’s staff will work you to find a solution to your needs and even explain to you the what’s, why’s and how’s of today’s ever-changing fitness industry. Whether you walk into the store with a plan or not, their professional and savvy fitness consultants will have your back.

Well-Stocked Inventory

fitness depot

There’s a reason that Fitness Depot has grown into the largest specialty fitness retailer in the United States and Canada: they almost never run out of stock. Seriously! They’re so committed to making sure they always have inventory of every SKU that it’s in the company’s mission statement. Fitness Depot regularly maintains over $30,000,000.00 worth of stock in their stores across North America. Now, that’s not to say that they don’t run into that issue. There will always be supply chain issues wherever we go, but what’s great about Fitness Depot is that while they can’t control external factors, they’re determined to do everything in their capability to make sure that products remain in stock.

Shop with Confidence Today

Fitness Depot is committed to making sure that your shopping experience goes off without a hitch. Financing options are available to those who are making large orders but can’t afford to pay for everything in one go. There are also several options for delivery and set up for you to consider as well as buyer protection plans for any purchase. Want to give the gift to fitness to someone else? Fitness Depot also has gift cards available!


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