What to Expect When You Hire a Personal Trainer


Anyone who tells you that getting in shape is easy is either lying to you or trying to sell you something. Eating right is a commitment that’s hard to stick to, dragging your butt to the gym four times a week is horror when you’re a newbie, and putting your all into a workout that you aren’t into is impossible. Heck, even just making the decision to get healthy is hard to commit to. Not only are many lacking of the knowledge they need to get a decent workout in, some people are also lacking in the information they have about health in general to make smart decisions. With all this going on for millions of people, it’s no wonder that tons of individuals are turning to personal trainers to help them with their fitness journey.

If you’re one of those people that have made the choice to hire a personal trainer and are anxious about your first session or if you’re mulling over that decision now but don’t know what to expect, don’t freak out. Here’s a few things you can expect when you hire a personal trainer to partner with you in the marathon of getting fit.

Expect a Lot of Questions

When we say expect a lot of questions, we really mean it. Your first session in particular will be full of questions, and this is normal. In fact, you should be worried if he or she doesn’t ask you much at all. This is how your trainer will assess what your goals are, what your current capabilities are, and even what strategies they should use to help you reach your goals and motivate you.

This is also his or her chance to get to know you personally and understand why you hired them in the first place. At the end of the day, all of the questions that your trainer asks you will help to put together a plan of action that will, ideally, work best for you. Asking questions is the first step to developing a professional relationship that builds trust and comfort between the two of you.

Expect to Hate Your Trainer (Sometimes)

We’re not going to lie, there will be days that you’ll hate your trainer. We know it’s odd to say, but when this happens, just remember that this only means they’re doing their job right. It’s your trainer’s job to push you, to help you shatter old records or hit new milestones in your fitness journey. To get there, they’re going to make you strive for excellence in the gym and out of the gym. After all, a healthy body is not made in the gym alone – a lot of the process is eating healthy and making better decisions at home as well.

If you’re like us, you don’t like it when you get pushed hard or get thrust outside of your comfort zone. All we can say about this is trust the process and trust your trainer. His or her goal is to motivate you and to help you realize that you can go far beyond what you originally thought you were capable off, even if it does mean you’ll give them a stink eye or two in the process.

Expect to be Intimidated in the Beginning

When you hire a personal trainer, you’re getting their full attention for an hour or an hour and a half. Guess what? If you’ve got someone watching your every move, from the way you run to the way you perform that bench press, it’s going to be weird and often times embarrassing. When they start pointing out every mistake that you make (for your own good, by the way),

it can also get pretty intimidating. Just remember that your trainer isn’t trying to criticize you or make you feel bad about yourself. Their focus is to make sure that you perform your exercises properly so that you get their full benefit and prevent yourself from getting injured, too. Think about it for a second. How upset would you be if you injured yourself while working out and it could have been prevented if your trainer warned you? Besides, you’ll get used to this in the long run and you’ll come to appreciate it as well.

Expect Your Trainer to be Involved in Many Aspects of Your Life

This is something we touched on briefly earlier, and now it’s time to expound. You’re going to have to expect that your trainer is going to want to know a lot about your life outside of the gym. No, not in a creepy way, more of in a, I-need-to-know-this-stuff-to-help-you-best kind of way. For example, they’ll ask you about your eating. What did you eat this week? Are you planning ahead and meal-prepping? Do you feel bloated? They might even ask if you went drinking or if what kind of people you hang out with. Though it may annoy you at first, we encourage you to really answer their questions truthfully.

Expect Assignments

personal trainers

Yes, we said assignments and no, you’re not back in school. Since your trainer is probably only seeing you around three times a week, he or she will most likely give you some things to do when you don’t see each other. After all, health extends far beyond just the gym, so it’s only natural that your trainer (who wants the best for you) will give you assignments outside of the gym to help you hit your targets. The fact of the matter is that if you want to lose weight or get some gains, your sessions with your trainer aren’t going to be enough, so your trainer will likely encourage you to get some cardio in or run through some circuits at home or on the days that you don’t see each other.

He or she will also likely make some suggestions when it comes to your eating or ask you to consider taking protein supplements or similar things. If you don’t feel comfortable with some of their suggestions, remember to keep an open dialogue going between the both of you so he or she can adjust but still help you achieve your fitness goals.


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