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Honestly speaking, there are so many diet products out in the market today that it makes us dizzy. It seems like each brand has even more outrageous claims than the next, promising magical weight loss and a dream body in every capsule. But do they even work? Companies can get away with a ton of stuff these days, especially when it comes to diet supplements since there’s no governing body over them. One of the things they often get away with? False advertising. A lot of diet products can promise you fat loss and a trim figure, but chances are that a majority of them will fail to deliver. If you’ve been fooled by more than one brand of weight loss pill in the past, we feel for you, but we’ve also got good news. There’s finally a diet pill in town that actually has results to back up their claims. Say hello to PhenQ.

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Made by Wolfson Berg Limited, PhenQ is a diet pill and dietary food supplement that helps you lose weight. It boasts pharmaceutical-grade quality and helps boost energy, suppress appetite and elevate mood in addition to blocking fat production and burning fat stores in the body. The makers recommend taking one pill a day in the morning or during lunch, and while the amount per ingredient is not stated, we do know that PhenQ contains tons of ingredients that are great for weight loss. We’ll get more into their ingredients in just a second, but PhenQ is perfect for melting away stubborn fat and promises that you’ll obtain dramatic results in a much shorter time frame than other diet pills in the market like Beverly International and C4 Ripped.


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          What are PhenQs Main Ingredients?

PhenQ’s confidence in their product comes from the use of a propriety blend of essential ingredients to encourage weight loss and garner amazing results. The main ingredients are composed of Caffeine, Chromium Picolinate, Capsimax Powder, Calcium Carbonate, Nopal and L-Carnitine Fumarate. But what does each ingredient actually do your body?


It’s no secret that caffeine is fantastic for weight loss. In fact, many weight loss supplements in the market today include caffeine as a major ingredient while some supplements are mostly caffeine only. Caffeine is also one of the main ingredients of energy drinks. This is because caffeine is a strong stimulant and helps to combat fatigue while boosting alertness at the same time. Caffeine is also known to be an appetite suppressant and helps to boost our metabolism through an increased thermogenic rate. It’ll even help improve your work out performance!

Chromium Picolinate

The weight loss community is a fan of chromium and picolinate and with good reason. In a 2-month long study conducted at Cornell University, researchers found that chromium supplementation actually helped to reduce the appetites and cravings.  This essential natural mineral is found primarily in vegetables, meat and wholegrains and also aids in controlling your body’s blood sugar levels.

Capsimax Powder

Think of Capsimax Powder as a the ultimate 1-2 punch combo of fat blasting ingredients. Comprised of a blend of niacin (vitamin B3), capsicum, caffeine and piperine, this powder has incredible thermogenic properties that help individuals drop weight through increased body heat. Some studies even suggest that this powder is capable of stopping new fat cells from forming.

Calcium Carbonate

While calcium is most commonly known as a must-have supplement for bone strength, calcium is actually also great at helping individuals maintain healthy body weight. Research is indicative of calcium’s power to encourage the release and burning of stored fat cells. In fact, there was a 6-month long study conducted on obese adults with varying degrees of calcium supplementation. The results showed more fat and weight loss through diets with higher calcium intake.

Nopal and L-CarnatineFurmarate

Rich in fiber and great at helping control hunger, Nopal is a cactus plant that gets little attention and recognition in the weight loss industry. Nopal gives your body tons of energy and helps your body flush out extra fluids retained in your body. On the other hand, L-CarnitimeFurmarate is an amino acid naturally found in nuts, green veggies and red meat. What dieters and scientists alike love about L-Carnatine is its ability to cause your body to use fat stores as energy. Not only does this mean higher fat burn, it means less burn out and tiredness, which is a common side effect of dieting.

        Why Should You Try It? 

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people are raving about PhenQ and how it’s helped them achieve their dream body and lead healthier lives. If you’re still in doubt about its effectivity, then look to science instead. PhenQ has been subject to countless and extensive clinical studies to check whether or not it’s actually effective. At the end of the study, results have shown that people taking PhenQ see 10% more fat loss then people taking placebos or other ingredients as well as a 3.44% decrease in body weight and a nearly 4% increase in muscle mass.  If the numbers still don’t have you convinced, then why not give it a try for free? Wolfson Berg Limited has also shown complete faith in their product by offering a 60-day money back guarantee trial (completely risk free) to first time users of PhenQ. At $69.95 per bottle, you’ve got nothing to lose except weight when you try the product out.

How to Use It

If you’ve decided that you want to give PhenQ a try, then we’re totally excited for the results that you can expect to achieve. With that being said, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while using PhenQ. First, and most importantly, stick to the usage guidelines. This means that you should only be taking one pill a day and making sure to take it before 3:00 in the afternoon to avoid any interruptions in your sleep schedule. Also, remember that no pill is a magical one-stop solution all on its own. PhenQ works best when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.