Is Diet Coke Bad For You?


Diet coke is very popular and a go to option for most people on a diet, but the opinion on it seems to be divided. On one hand, people prefer to drink loads of it since it has no added sugar. But on the other hand, some are just scared of the aspartame, used in place of sugar, and believe it to be damaging to the health. The fact remains that diet coke has lesser calories compared to a regular drink, but that does not necessarily make it good.

Let’s dig deep into it:

What Is Diet Coke?

A Coca Cola product that is made up of zero sugar and some added chemicals such as aspartame, an artificial sweetener to increase the taste. The main difference between a regular and a diet coke is that a diet coke has no added sugar in it, which also causes it to taste a bit different.

Is Diet Coke Bad For You?

Yes and no. It’s not bad for you because it hasn’t been associated with any type of long term health damage. While there are rumors regarding it being a cause of cancer and other such diseases, but no body has been able to prove it yet.

Does Diet Coke Increase Weight?

According to reports, diet coke does not cause weight gain. Since a diet coke has fewer calories, it won’t mess your weight up. You’re not taking a lot of calories on a daily basis even if you’re drinking a diet coke every day. Hence, it does not really contribute to weight gain.

Comparison between Normal Coke And Diet Coke

A 20 oz normal coke has 240 calories and 68 grams of sugar in it, both the ingredients contribute to weight gain. On the other hand, a diet coke has no added sugar and no calories, hence it’s a plus point for diet coke as it has no ingredients that may get you fat. Drinking normal coke (calorie containing) increase your calorie intake while diet coke doesn’t.

Things To Consider While Drinking Diet Coke

Sometimes, the most simplest of things are the most difficult to understand. On one hand, a diet coke may not be the prime culprit for your increased weight but it may be messing up your brain. Not physically but psychologically. Here’s how:

People who are soft drink addicts need at least one drink in the day but since a regular drink can be the reason of an increasing weight gain, most people turn to diet coke, which is the right thing to do. However, people take it for granted and start to believe that they’re taking a healthier approach now and consuming no calories from the drink. This mindset makes them believe that they’re taking good care of their healthy, which makes them neglect other aspects of it.

Many people believe that switching to diet coke from a regular coke is healthier, it sure is. But, they fail to give proper attention to their diet in this regard. Thinking that a diet coke is giving you zero calories makes you EAT more calories from other foods.

While diet coke may not be increasing weight, it sure is making people underestimate the amount of food they’re consuming, especially in terms of calories.

The mentality that you’re not getting any calorie from a diet coke tends to make you go overboard with your diet and cause you to gain weight. 

Aspartame Causes Cancer - Myth Or Truth?

Aspartame is an alternative ingredient for sugar found in diet coke. Only a smaller amount of it is added since it is 200 times more sweeter than sucrose. There are many myths circulating about aspartame. Let’s dig into them:

Countless studies have been conducted on diet coke solely to determine if aspartame is a cancer causing ingredient or not and not one has proven this right. In 2005, a study proved that there are no links between aspartame and cancer. This study involved experiments conducted on rats. The outcome was in aspartame’s favor and marked it safe.

NCI utilized human data from NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study involving more than half a million retirees. They were examined on increased aspartame consumption and no ties were observed between aspartame and cancer or any other disease.

Diet Considerations

is diet coke bad for you

When you’re on a diet beverage such as diet coke, you need to look into the diet you’re consuming. Eating foods that are low in calories should be your priority, along with eating foods that come with great health benefits, such as:

A Protein Rich Diet: A protein rich diet will keep you fuller for longer and may even cause you to skip your drink cravings.

Seafood is a great source of proteins. Eating fish cooked in olive oil is your best bet since olive oil itself has many health benefits and is much safer than cooking oil.

High Dose Of Calcium And Vitamin D: Ensure that you include dairy products in your diet such as fat free milk, yogurt and cheese so that you’re good on calcium intake and have stronger bones.

Low Calorie Diet: The most crucial thing to follow while you’re a diet coke is to limit the calorie intake via foods you eat. Ensure that you do not consume more than 2500 calories, but the right amount depends on factors including your gender, age and height.

It can be concluded that diet coke is not bad for you for as long as you keep an eye on your overall diet.


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