Chili Peppers and Weight Loss Explained


In your attempt to lose weight you probably try to come up with different meals, made up of various ingredients, so as to try to keep your dining as pleasurable as possible. In reality there is no need to stave yourself to death, or to stick to veggies only to lose weight. There are many food options you can opt for, and while using these, you can create different recipes which can still make you look forward for your lunch and dinner. Chili peppers for instance can be very useful while you are on a weight loss diet.

Since chili peppers contain the substance capsaicin, they help to reduce appetite. Apart from that, some studies showed that this substance can increase the rate at which you burn fats. You may never have heard of capsaicin, but it is so effective that there are even weight loss supplements that comprise this substance as one of their main ingredients. Since it is naturally found in chili peppers you can effectively make the most out of its effects by increasing your consumption of chili peppers. A particular study showed that by eating 1 gram of red chili pepper, considerably reduced the appetite of the people involved in the study, and it also increased fat burning.

How do chili peppers help you lose weight

Appetite was measured before these people consumed the test meal, and at intervals of half an hour subsequently, in the form of whether they felt full, felt hungry, or felt the desire to eat. Half of the people in this study did not consume spicy food such as red chili pepper, and following this study the results showed that when eating these peppers, there was indeed a change in one’s appetite.

The other half of the people in the study who were used to consuming spicy food did not demonstrate any particular effect in this regard, and so it was concluded that when one is accustomed to consuming such foods, a certain tolerance can be built up eventually. Hence, the best option would be to include small amount of red chili peppers a couple of times a week, not every single day.

It is also worth noting that according to other research carried out by the University of Wyoming, capsaicin can stimulate energy burning, and turn white fat to brown fat. Basically the heat that gets generated by the consumption of chili peppers can lead to an increase in one’s consumption of calories. As a result this will oxidize the layers of fat.

How does it work

Thermo genesis is boosted with the consumption of red chili peppers. This is the technical term for the rate at which the body burns fats. Capsicum lowers the caloric intake, while also reducing the fat levels in the blood and shrinking fat tissue.

So, chili peppers can thus help you to fire up your weight loss, pun intended. There are various ways that you can cook with chili peppers, including simply serving some with cheese and crackers for a light snack, or incorporating it in with other ingredients to prepare stuffed peppers, in tortillas, or sandwiched and salsas.

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