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Unlike other nuts, chestnuts are not commonly known and may not even be a favourite of many.  Despite this, they are dully nutritious and can be used to improve many conditions such as strengthening of bones, boosting the immune system and prevention of chronic diseases.They also come in numerous species though all of them hold the same nutritional values. Use them in savory dishes for delicious casseroles, soups or stew; or better still as flour in sweet dishes.  Let’s have a deep look at its benefits.

Bone mineral density

Whenever the mention of bones comes about, calcium is the next inline element to be thought of. Chestnuts contain both magnesium and calcium which are the backbone of bone health.

Taking these nuts once or twice a week would therefore ensure that you grow strong bones.  Even though magnesium plays a role in bone strengthening, its major role falls back to the proper composition of the hard enamel that surrounds the teeth. It works by protecting these bones against degeneration or tooth decay.

Powerful antioxidant

Purifying the body and getting rid of excess wastes is also something that chestnuts are good at. They are strong antioxidants thanks to the gallic acid, a vitamin C component that this nut is rich in.  The body is at work 24/7 and usually produce free radicals that need to be cleansed once in a while. If left unattended, these radicals pile up due to the natural reaction with oxygen that the blood carries along.

This in turn becomes a threat as the radicals can harm the cells making your body prone to cancer ailment. Take chestnuts whenever necessary and optimize your immune system as they enhance detoxification of the body’s impurities.

Excellent dietary fibre

For effective digestion, these nuts are good performers due to their high fibre constitution. Such a composition aids in digestion and lets the internal organs work effectively. The fibre present acts rapidly by absorbing water and keeping the body temperature to normal. As a result, all the digested foods will have it easy when being utilized by the body system.

Even passing of stool becomes manageable during secretions because the available reserved water acts accordingly by enabling easy passage. This do prevents constipation and other related conditions like anal inflammations from occurring and causing discomfort.

Weight control

Weight loss and control is the most common step when it comes to healthy living and management. Whenever there is a gain, you just have to tone it down in order to enable your body mechanisms to run coherently. There is no better option than to do this the right way with the backbone being diet and food.

These being the best weight loss program, it is important to know what is healthy and what’s not so that you are not hooked in between. Chestnuts are among those foods which will elevate your dieting plan to the next level. Being low on fat and high on energy, these nuts turn out to be among the options to go for.

Packed with tons of fibre, chestnuts makes you feel full for a longer period and eliminates the pangs of hunger which usually strike in between meals. Take them alongside some fresh juice or yoghurt in the morning and stay rejuvenated for the better part of the day.

Promotes oxygen circulation

Apart from bone constitutes, there are other important elements that these nuts supply in abundance. Iron, which is the main blood carrier, is also found in chestnuts. Eat them regularly and help your entire body system attain adequate oxygen supply to the major parts of the body as needed. Once your body is enriched with iron, it also means that your blood hemoglobin will be at its peak making transportation of oxygen as effective as possible.

Prevention and management of diabetes

Health concern is paramount and people have adapted to healthy lifestyles and habits that puts less strain on the major organs like the heart and so forth. Amidst healthy foods, chestnut has been proved to help in the management of diabetes.  Their high fibre content makes them an ideal therapy for those struggling with weight related issues like high blood pressure and heart attacks.

What happens is that fibre rich foods like chestnuts cause a slow rise in blood sugars and helps with prevention of sudden spikes or falls; which have been known to be more dangerous especially to diabetic patients. A sudden spike or drop in blood sugar can be very fatal and sometimes leads to death if adequate medication is not given.

Pregnancy booster

Whether you are trying for a baby or is already pregnant, it is called for to stay as healthy as possible. One of the important nutrients is folate, which is responsible for proper red blood cells formation. Pregnant women need this in plenty to support the growth of the developing foetus.

It is even recommended to take folic acid before becoming pregnant to prevent chances of neural tube defects when the baby is finally born.  Inadequate folate would therefore mean that an expect mother takes alternative supplements of folic acid. Instead of these, why not go for the most natural and healthy option of chestnut and get an additional therapy for nausea alleviation management especially during first trimester when the morning sickness is adverse.

These nuts are seasonal and proper care should be taken when purchasing them. They spoil a bit quickly and so, their storage needs more attention than the other kinds of nuts. Avoid exposing them to air or high humidity for long as such weathers could interfere with their richly starch and fats.

When stored in the correct manner, these nuts can stay for close to six months after harvest and still appear fresh and new. As long as they turn greenish then probably their quality content are beginning to deteriorate. Otherwise fresh chestnuts have got a golden outer cover, meaty and creamy inner portion and tastes fresh. The best cooking method is via roasting until it becomes crispy and crunchy.

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