Changing to healthy breakfast: 6 Ways to Boost Your Morning Meal


You get to bed after a serious day’s work and before you know it, it is already morning. Waking up tired and feeling exhausted is not new to most of us especially if you are a busy bee during the better part of the day. What happens when you need to get out and approach another day that’s waiting with tons of work?

I guess starting out smart would make you concur the day and achieve your laid down goals for that particular day. But why do we experience fatigue in the morning while we’ve been sleeping all night? This goes back to the metabolism mechanism that goes on whether we are a sleep or awake. In fact, the brain works a lot more when we are sleeping because that is when the body is at rest.

This would therefore imply that we need to nourish the body with adequate foodstuffs every morning for energy and courage. Breakfast comes in the gap and so is the reason why changing breakfast should be for the better. These six ways are a must if you really want to boost your morning and face the day like a lion.                                                              

Take more of whole grains

Eating big might probably mean taking in more calories by the end of it all. As true as it is, the body needs more energy during morning hours and once the calculations are over, it could not even be a matter of more calories but an efficient plan of weight loss. Eating smart even though big, is effective especially when your metabolism rate is high, which is during early morning.

You can go whole grains as these are good for preventing mid morning energy crashes especially when you are working towards a healthy eating plan. Whole grains are very rich in fibre, an element that the body needs to take for longer hours of work. Fibre does this by slowing down the digestive process, leaving you full and with sustainable energy. Without even knowing, whole grains let you eliminate lots of carbohydrate sources resulting to eating real food full of fibre.

Protein packed

Proteins are the major body builders and when taken in the morning, tend to boost your system, giving you sufficient energy. Most people who go for protein packed first meal feel less hungry in the course of the day. Feeling satisfied would mean that cravings are taken care of; and the lesser the urge to go for quick snacks at in between meals. Yogurt is a better option early morning because of its nutritional values and lower calories.

Other foods containing good fats also come in handy; such as salmon and nuts. Don’t underestimate eggs either as they have been a morning staple for so long and for a reason. As for processed protein based meats or chicken, limiting their intake would mean an improved healthy diet. Most of them have so far been associated with risks of heart related diseases. You can try eggs with chicken sausages and some yoghurt; or go cooked quinoa as it contains high amounts of protein as compared to oatmeal, and goes down well with berries.

Take cereals with larger flakes

Cereals are perfect energy givers that should not miss at your morning meal. They can be taken on their own, or mixed with warm milk for a greater taste. For few calorie consumption, go for large sized flakes which will fill up your bowl quickly. Otherwise, crushed or smaller particles will be more dense and packed with more calories that can be underestimated if we were to go by the size of the bowls.

Incorporate healthy fats

Yes, additional fat is necessary to improve your stamina and increase the level of energy as well. Our bodies generally need fat to keep us warm and help with blood sugar stabilization. If enough fat is not added adequately to the body, it is forced to generate its own thereby putting more pressure on the heart as it has to beat faster. If you want to stay full, incorporate fats and let your body experience slower energy release to take you up for the better part of the day. Get healthy fats from almonds, walnuts, sunflower and avocado among others.

Go Smoothies

Fruits and vegetables are the number one unprocessed foods that can be taken raw for increased nutrition. Fruits contain natural sugars for energy boost which when taken in the morning, pushes your strength to the limit. Vegetables are also rich in iron and are packed with vitamin C for body stability.

Combine your perfect match for a quick but healthy breakfast to keep you refreshed and energized. Mix them with wheat germ or yogurt and come up with a nutritious meal. You can also throw in some spinach or peppers to your homemade omelette or any other favourite bite.

Keep it balanced

The bottom line is to ensure that your body gets all it needs for improved energy and fitness. Take a balanced diet comprising of carbs, proteins and fruits as all of these matter. Water is also an essential that in fact need to be taken early morning before your breakfast meal to nourish your body with minerals.

Smoothies are good as they naturally combine more of the stuffs in one go. Another option is to go for all inclusive providers like nuts which are rich in protein and are good sources of healthy fats as well. Otherwise, taking a fruit besides that favourite bowl of oatmeal isn’t a bad idea either.

Eating healthy for energy starts right with you and the more focus given to this, the better the results. Make it simple but healthy by eating in and not out. Breakfasts from fast food chains tend to be packed with high sodium and other ingredients. Just prepare your breakfast at home and be sure that you are ideally using the recommended unprocessed stuffs.

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