You must have been
struggling to lose weight as well as to maintain your body shape. Do you really
think a paddleboard is worth buying to burn calories? Well, of course, it is
really useful if you exercise with affordable paddleboards. An affordable sup
boarding definitely provides a fun and relaxing activity that almost anybody
can do. So, you can call it one of the fantastic workouts as well. With
inflatable paddle boards, people of every age, size, and shape can be engaged
in boarding as a fun activity for fitness. For a complete body workout, you can
buy a cheap paddle board, which is considered as the best exercise equipment
along with the fun activity.

With inflatable
paddle boards, you can do a low impact exercise which is an excellent
combination of strength, balance, and endurance which are exercised whether you
are paddling or just balancing on your board. You can buy cheap paddle boards
that provide a fantastic core workout as well as the toes, back, legs, arms,
neck, and shoulders, which all work together.

Here is a list of top
health benefits of inflatable paddle boards, so let’s start cruising with your
beautiful cheap paddle board.

You will be in Shape

Undoubtedly, with
your affordable sup boarding, you can burn more calories just in an hour as
compared to most of the sports. All it happens because it integrates all the
primary elements of a full body workout, strength, core, balance and endurance.
Whether you are working with inflatable paddle boards, racing, or recreational
paddling, you are insured to get a great workout.

Relief From Stress

While in a stressful
situation, why not put all your worries on a cheap paddle board and leave them
behind cruising. Water is a natural healing remedy for the body, and you must
do exercise with your affordable sup boarding in water. Gliding across the glassy
water, now add the gentle sounds of your board, and the rhythm of your stroke
as well as breath. Let yourself slowly melt away from time to time.

Boost Up Your Stamina and Endurance

Commonly, a
misconception exists regarding the boost up of your stamina and endurance. Both
strength and endurance are not made solely with cardio exercise. However, they
are built with strengthening exercises. Fortunately, your inflatable paddle
boards not only provide cardio exercise; however it strengthens your upper
body, legs, and core. Here lie your endurance and stamina, equation folks.   

Calories Burned SUP Yoga

Well, affordable SUP
boarding might be helping, calming and meditative but thrilling as well. It is
also an intense workout for the body, mind, and spirit. With the help of
energetic yoga flow you can burn around 416-540 calories in just an hour.

can Burn more calories with your affordable SUP boarding as compared to others;

  • Biking: 483 calories per hour
  • Surfing: 412 calories per hour
  • Swimming: 840 calories per hour
  • Running: 650 calories per hour


Now, ultimately you
are aware of the facts of SUP boarding in terms of exercising. You can
successfully burn calories with inflatable paddle boards guaranteed. So, let’s
get started with a fun activity of losing weight.