Burn 250 Calories Without Setting Foot in a Gym!


When you think about the gym, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? While there’s no denying that there’s a percentage of individuals who absolutely love hitting the gym, it’s no secret that there’s a greater percentage of the world’s population that would rather avoid walking through its doors.

From the clattering of heavy weight plates to the grunting and panting of over-enthusiastic men and women, the gym exudes a very intimidating tone to newbies and seasoned gym-goers alike. Then there’s the actual having to work out part of the trip. If you’re anything like the average joe, working out or pumping iron at the gym is the bane of your very existence.

How to burn calories without the gym?

But how does this aversion to all things gym work out (no pun intended) for the people out there trying to shed pounds and get healthy? Even if most folks would much rather avoid the land of sweat and barbells, there’s still that one unavoidable truth to weight loss – exercise is still necessary.

Yes, diet plays a huge part, but when it comes to nipping and tucking your loose or jiggly bits, adding activity to your day is definitely crucial. So how does one go about burning at least 250 calories without setting foot in a gym? Here’s how.

Get Some Chores Done

Got a lot of things to do at home or a long list of errands to run? Why not kill two birds with one stone. Getting simple chores or tasks for the home done, like cleaning up, doing the grocery shopping, cooking or gardening can actually help you burn that 250 calories easy and you’ll get that growing list of to-do’s out of the way at the same time. Cooking, for example, burn about 100 calories in 30 minutes.

You can double that time by meal prepping your food for the week thus burning calories and getting your healthy food for the days ahead sorted. Cleaning is another great way to get your sweat on as an average woman will burn 95 calories from sweeping or vacuuming for half an hour. For an average man, the caloric burn is slightly higher at 110 calories.

If you want to get all 250 calories burned in one go, mow the lawn. Yard word burns 250 calories easily in just 40 minutes and you get the added benefit of enjoying the fresh air.

Explore the Great Outdoors (or Just Get Outdoors)

Sitting around all day isn’t going to get you anywhere when it comes to your weight loss goals. In fact, being a couch potato has been directly linked to poor health and heart disease in many individuals as people who are prone to being couch potatoes also often have poor eating habits.

Instead of spending the day watching TV or lounging around, get outdoors and walk around the neighborhood or head to the nearby park. If you have a pet, get outdoors and play with your pet at the nearest park to incorporate some movement into your day.

As you get used to this added physical activity in your day, you can ramp it up and start going on slow jogs until you get to a pace of six miles per hour. You may think, “Well, I might as well go to a gym and run on a treadmill.” Think again. Studies show that people who run on pavement or tracks actually burn more calories and tone up faster than individuals who run on a treadmill. Plus, just 20 minutes of running can burn up to 270 calories.

Play with Your Kids

This one’s for all the parents out there. Did you know that spending some quality time with your kids and playing with them for just 45 or 60 minutes a day can actually help you burn up to 250 calories? Of course, this depends on the amount of physical activity you exert while playing with them, but in general when you engage in games such as tag, hopscotch or monkeying around with them at the jungle gym, it will help you work up a sweat. Not only is this a great way to get activity into your day, it’s also a fantastic way to bond with your kids and develop your relationship with them.

Get Back on Your Bike

If you’re the type of person who used to love heading out for a bike ride around the neighborhood or exploring the nearest public park for mountain biking, now’s the time to get back into it. Not only does the activity easily burn 250 calories in just 25 minutes, it also helps you hone your balance and agility.

Balance and agility are essential to improving your core strength and the tough terrain of mountain biking will help you tone the muscles in your calves, glutes, quads and hamstrings. Talk about an all-around fat burning and muscle toning workout, and you won’t even have to step foot anywhere close to the gym. If you’re getting back into biking after years of sedentary living, take it slow.

Start on flat terrain and slowly work your way back up to more challenging or steep terrain. If mountain biking isn’t your thing, maybe you can swap out your car ride to work with a bike ride to work. A leisurely

Just Bowl with It

burn calories

Looking for a weekend activity that is fun and burns calories at the same time? Try hitting the bowling alley with your friends and family or setting up a bowling tournament for that long overdue girl’s night out.

It’s amazing how many calories the game burns as just 90 minutes of attempting to hit that strike or snag that spare at the bowling alley will incinerate a neat 300 calories. In the midst of the fun and laughs that a night out with your friends can provide, bowling is also a fantastic way to tone up and work your arm muscles.

Thanks to the weight of the bowling ball, your arms will get a good workout from the power and resistance necessary to catapult the ball forward and in the direction you want it to go. Bonus? It’s great for your finger strength and grip, too.


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