Best exercise to lose weight fast


As you know losing weight is closely attributed with the need to engage in daily exercises. Being physically active helps you to burn calories and remain fit. It will enable you to avoid putting on extra weight. Even though most people are fully aware of the need to exercise, they refrain from doing so either:

  • Because they have no idea what sort of exercises to do;
  • Or because they feel that it is too difficult to exercise and to allocate a certain amount of time per day to exercises;
  • Or they are simply too lazy at being couch potatoes.

Whatever your opinion in this regard, you should read the following tips about simple and effective exercises to lose weight, so as to see that it does not really take much to exercise daily and manage to get rid of those dreaded kilos.

Simple exercises that you can do daily

within a few minutes. These include push-ups, crunches, squats, rows and lunges.

Walking and jogging

there is no need to walk a very long distance or spend a whole hour walking. Obviously the more the better, but even a 20 minute walk per day can help you get great results over a period of time. You should walk briskly, as a fast pace will help you to burn more calories. Adding intervals is also very helpful.

So if you are walking briskly for half an hour, try to add a burst of jogging for about 30 seconds, every 5 minutes or so. When injecting brief periods of more intense efforts into the regular exercise, you will do better because that intensity helps to reset your metabolism to a slightly higher rate during that period, and it takes a good amount of time to slow down once again. So you will effectively be burning more calories for a longer period of time, even beyond the workout period.


running is one of the most effective exercises as it enables one to burn some 600 calories per hour, while building stronger bones and connective tissues.


swimming is very effective to shed those extra pounds as well as for body toning. It is an ideal complement for other exercises too.


This workout can keep you in tip top shape. Cycling on different terrains enables you to carry out a great workout and burn plenty of calories.

Jumping rope

a rather simple and fun activity that can help you to lose weight quite easily if done regularly. You may be amazed to note that just 10 minutes of rope jumping a day could work wonders in terms of calorie burning and cardio benefits.

As you can see there is no need to invest in expensive gym equipment to do some effective exercise routines. There are various options available and all you need to do is go for it with motivation and effort, and keep at it daily. Within a few weeks you will start noticing the results.

Ab work outs for a six pack

There are many exercises you can do to achieve the perfect summer body. Every man wants a six-pack because there is no denying that this is one of the best parts of the male body. So, let us go over some of the best ab work outs for a six pack you can be proud of.


by pulling the shoulder blades downwards and backwards you are automatically helping your chest to expand. The starting position you should take to start performing pullups involves bending your legs behind you, and crossing your feet while bracing your abs. It is best to have a pullup bar which you can grip to.

Ideally this should be slightly wider than your shoulders’ width. Once you are in the starting position, pull yourself upwards until the collarbone reaches the pullup bar. While doing so drive your elbows downwards towards your hips. Keep doing this movement by returning to the starting position and back again.


one of the best crunches you can do is an oblique crunch whereby you lie on your back, with your knees bent and your feet flat. With your right hand behind your head and your left palm down, start to contract your abs by lifting your shoulders off the floor and rotating your body until you manage to bring your right elbow closer to your left knee. Afterwards swap sides.

Another variation is to lie back on the ground, keeping your arms extended straight. Then start to pull your knees inwards, towards your chest, while simultaneously trying to lift your backside off the floor and your arms over your head to do a crunch.

Leg raises

while lying back on a flat bench, use your hands to grip it and then then as you keep your legs straight, raise them until they are perpendicular to the floor. Lower your legs and repeat.

Exercises with a medicine ball

slam the medicine ball against the floor and while doing so make sure you are crunching your abs. You can also lie down on your back while holding the ball over your head. Keep your arms and legs outstretched and then start to raise your torso and legs upwards until you touch the ball to your feet.

Ab wheel rollout

kneel on the floor and place your knees under your hips. Position your hands under your shoulders while holding tightly to the handles of an ab wheel. Then start to push your hips forwards while rolling the wheel out. Make sure you keep your back flat while doing this exercise, and allow your arms to extend outwards.

At one point you are going to feel as if you cannot roll anymore without risking to fall. At that point push your palms toward the floor while squeezing your abs and pushing your hips backwards at the same time.

These are just a few of the most commonly used ab work outs for a sic pack. There are various other exercises you could do, but the key is that whatever type of exercise you opt for, you do it well and keep at it as nothing is more important than regularity and persistence in these kinds of exercises.

Leg work outs

A great physique can be seen from a six pack, great biceps and wide shoulders. However building strong legs is another very important aspect. It is vital to make sure that the physique is symmetrical, so if you have the upper body quite broad and big, you need to see to the lower part, which is ultimately made up of the legs. Thus, engaging in leg work outs is very important. Since the legs are made up from various muscles, the types of leg work outs one performs need to primarily focus on this. You need to use a considerable amount of volume, various angles and different exercises to be able to stimulate most, or preferably, all of the muscles in your legs.

Some of the best leg work outs you can do include the following:
  1. Barbell deadlift, squats and lunges
  2. Dumbbell rear lunge and step ups
  3. Hack squat
  4. Seated leg curl and lying leg curls
  5. Leg extensions
  6. Seated calf raise
  7. Leg press
  8. Thigh abductor

Before starting these leg exercises it is recommended that you do several warm-ups. It is best to start the workout by opting for the more challenging multijoint movements which will involve more muscle mass. It is also important to choose the weight you will be using for some of the leg workouts wisely. Performing these leg work outs properly and regularly will help you achieve the following goals:

Goals to achieve

  1. Gaining more overall leg mass
  2. Building and keeping muscle size
  3. Generally speaking it is best to try to maximize the range of motion of the knee joint as it is best to emphasize on the quads first.
  4. Then move on to exercises and foot positions that will emphasize on the glutes.
  5. It is then best to focus a bit on the hamstrings, unlike what some say, that this is not that important. In reality hamstrings support knee-joint integrity.

There is no set rule as to what types of leg exercises you should perform, and for how long. Upper leg exercises would target the hamstrings and quadriceps, whereas lower leg exercises will target the calves and the calf muscles. Ultimately it all depends on your goals. If you are just aiming at strength and a nice look, there is no need to do as many leg work out routines as a bodybuilder would need to do.

Generally speaking it is best to focus on improving at least one aspect of the leg work out each week. Beginners tend to start with a three sets of leg press, two sets of leg extensions, leg curls and seated calf raises, for instance. These are mainly intended to focus more on the thighs and the lower legs.

But as noted before, a bodybuilder would then do more sets and reps, as well as perform more strenuous leg work outs. The number or repetitions one performs is also of essence for leg work outs, and this will depend on one’s fitness goals too.

Chest work outs

Chest exercises and chest work outs are very important if you want to achieve that muscular chest you have always wanted. There are several chest work outs one could do, but since for most people time and effort tends to be somewhat limited, it is best to focus on a few chest work outs which tend to deliver the best results. So let us delineate some of the best chest building work outs you could try out:

Seated machine chest press

this is one of the best chest work outs you can do. A machine press offers you various benefits. First of all it is easier to do dropsets more quickly, and you can also slow down the reps and opt for either concentric or eccentric phases.

Barbell bench press

thanks to barbell lifts you will be able to move the most weight. The lift is also relatively easier to control compared to dumbbells. It is a good idea to vary your grip so as to get more complete chest development.

Flat bench dumbbell press

since dumbbells are a bit harder to control you will be having your body work independently, and as a result you will be engaging more stabilizer muscles. Moreover you can opt for relatively heavier weights, and a longer range of motion than a barbell bench press.

Since the nature of the movements of a dumbbell bench press and a barbell bench press are similar, there is no need to do them one after the other in a chest workout routine. Choose the one that you feel most confident with.

Incline dumbbell press

an adjustable bench enables you to do this exercise. You will be able to change the angle of the incline from one set to another, or from one workout to another. As you hit the muscle from different degrees of incline angles you will be able to build them more. You can also rotate the dumbbells slowly while doing this exercise.

Incline dumbbell pull-over

with the incline you are going to put much more tension on the chest fibers than you could with flat-bench pull-overs. If you sit back against the bench with an incline of about 45 degrees you should do well. Try to keep a single-joint movement without bending or extending at the elbows. As your upper arm moves rearwards you will be working on the shoulder extension and this will do great for the pecs.

Chest dips

chest dips are a good alternative to the decline press. Simply put your feet behind, lean forward as far as you can and make sure your elbows flare out as you dip.

Weighted pushups

adding weight on your back as you perform pushups is a good way to make your muscles work even harder. Just place a sandbag or a weight vest over your back, and with your arms straight and your hands positioned slightly wider than your shoulders start to bend at the elbows while lowering your body till your chest almost touches the floor. After a couple of seconds, push your body back up, and repeat.

Chest squeeze pushups

squeeze a pair of dumbbells together while performing a pushup. The squeezing will create a stimulus which helps to fire up the muscle fibers in the chest. The trick is to never stop squeezing the two dumbbells together as you lower your body and push it back up.

best exercise

Cardio work out for weight loss

There is no denying that many people have the goal of shedding those extra kilos so as to have a tip top shape. Cardio exercises are among the best you could perform to improve your weight loss. You often hear people asking which type of cardio workout is the best to lose a lot of weight within a relatively short period of time.

There are various things to consider to fully answer this question. For starters, the best cardio work out for weight loss is one that involves high intensity. You need to get the job done as quickly as possible, and this will lead to a quicker heart rate as a result of increased intensity. High intensity cardio work outs help to burn fat faster and in a shorter amount of time. It is recommended that you switch from one machine to another so as to increase variety in your cardio exercises.

For example, you could start off on a treadmill, and then move to an elliptical machine or to a cycling machine. The key is to make sure that the high intensity cardio workout is sustained from start to finish. Generally speaking 15 to 20 minutes is a good cardio workout routine, and then you can increase a little at a time.

It is important to make sure to devote at least a few minutes warming up

by working at a low intensity pace. As soon as you feel properly warmed up you can then start to increase the intensity until you achieve a higher intensity level. The concept of high intensity interval training revolves around the need to transition from a low and moderate intensity interval to a higher one, and keep doing this throughout the cardio workout routine. High intensity interval training supports the metabolism and you will start to burn fat if the calories that you burn exceed those that you consume.

Beginners should ideally start with warming up

and then proceed to a half a minute of moderately paced exercises. Afterwards go for a high intensity 30 second interval, and repeat. Perform 6 to 8 intervals and then take a short break to cool down. On the following days you can prolong those 30 seconds to longer periods, and simply go as hard as you can.

Cardio workouts can be done at any time of the day, however morning exercises tend to be very effective at burning fat. This is because one is in a fasted state, particularly deprived from carbohydrates. Carbohydrates increase insulin, which decreases fat burning. It is also proven that with increased intensity cardio exercises you will be increasing the caloric expenditure, and you will be burning more calories for about two hours after you performed the cardio workout. As a result weight loss becomes much easier. Thus, sticking to a cardio work out with high intensity intervals is the best way to lose weight more quickly and effectively


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