Can aerobic exercise help with weight loss?

aerobic exercise

Aerobik, also known as aerobics, is a very popular fitness activity. Aerobik is a fun form of physical activity which is suitable for all ages and both genders. You can take part in aerobics in two main ways. The first way that you can take part in aerobics is by taking up a gym membership or go to a gym. Going to the gym is a great way to take part in aerobics. A second way to take part in aerobics, is to take part in aerobics through taking up an aerobics class.

Taking up an aerobics class is probably a better way to take up aerobics, because, if you are looking to solely do aerobics, then there is no point in paying for a full gym or fitness centre membership, if you won’t use it. There are several different aerobics classes that you can take part in, they range from beginner aerobics classes to more advanced aerobics classes. You can take aerobik classes to suit your fitness and experience level with this form of exercise.

Purchasing a dvd at home

If you don’t have enough confidence to dive right into one of these classes, or, you simply don’t have the time to go out to a class, then why not buy a DVD of aerobics? You can buy a DVD of aerobics and do some aerobic workouts from the comfort of your home. Or, if you don’t want to buy a DVD, then what you can do is go online and find some aerobics workouts. You can either do this through going to Youtube, or, you can buy some aerobic classes online and do these from the comfort of your own home.

Does it matter whether you choose to go out and do aerobics? Or if you do aerobics from the comfort of your own home? If you do this through doing both regularly, then, it doesn’t really matter. However, it will require you to have a lot of self-motivation, if you choose to do them at home. It can be more difficult to become self-motivated to doing these exercises at home. Whereas, going out to a class is more effortless, as it will become a routine for you.

What is an aerobics class like?

Now that you know where and how to go to an aerobics class, you will want to know what an aerobics class is like.

An aerobics class is split into three main sections. The first section, is the warm up section. The warm up section is there to help warm up your muscles, so that you can avoid an injury. The warm up section will last up to around ten minutes, but usually will go on for around five minutes. The next part of an aerobics class, is the main part, where you will be doing the main aerobics fitness moves. This part lasts for around 30 minutes. Lastly, the third part of your aerobics workout, will be to cool down, this part is as important as your warm-up and lasts for around 5 minutes.

Warming up and cooling down are really important when you are doing aerobics, as it is responsible for stretching your muscles. The types of aerobics that you can do vary. Your aerobics class will depend on the instructor giving the class; therefore the choreography of each class will be different; as aerobics instructors will choreographer their own classes based on what they like; similar to a dance instructor and dance classes.

There are three main types of aerobics that you can do

In saying that, there are three main types of aerobics that you can do. Let’s take a look of the three main types of aerobics that you can do.

#1 Conventional Aerobics

Conventional aerobics is the type of aerobics that you will be thinking about, when you think about aerobics. You will take this aerobics class in a fitness room or a gym or some other hall. This is usually known as freestyle aerobics or dance aerobics and happens to a set of moves choreographed by an instructor. It will feel a mixture of dance or Zumba for you, it is a very fun way to do aerobics! If you are looking for a fun aerobics class, then try and take up this.

The conventional aerobics focuses on doing specific steps, arm movements and movements to a set of music for a class. This will include your warm up and your cool down, which are both part of the class. This forms a basis for the other two styles of aerobics that we have.

#2 Step Aerobics

Step aerobics is quite similar to conventional aerobics, however, where conventional aerobics is based on dance, step aerobics is based on steps. You will do step aerobics with a step platform. This step platform will be used throughout your class.

What might be the same with the step aerobics and the conventional aerobics, is the warm up. Usually the warm up is the same for both of these fitness classes. You will not be using the step to warm up or cool down; that is usually the case. However, it will depend on the aerobics instructor that you have and how they choreograph the routine. What matters is that you do warm up.

#3 Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is quite different from the other two types of aerobics that we have on the list. This is of course because it is in water, rather than being in a class or a room. This means that the moves and how you exercise will be quite different with water aerobics.

What is the same is that at its core, water aerobics is still water aerobics. It’s a work out that is aerobics, which means that some of the moves will be the same, but just in water. Whereas, some of the moves will be there with the water in mind – it’s created as a water fitness activity.


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