Great Ab Workouts for Men to Try

ab workouts for men

There doesn’t seem to be a want as universal as the desire for a great set of abs. Who wouldn’t want to flaunt a rocking midsection or at least enjoy the feeling of strong abs under their shirt? The journey to amazing abs isn’t the same for men and women, however.

Generally speaking, men tend to have less fat. This makes the quest for washboard abs a little easier for men than women. Not to mention the fact that some exercises make better ab workouts for men than women due to their difference in anatomy and physique. If that’s the case, then what exactly are the best movements and abdominal exercises for guys? Here’s a few for you to try out at your next gym session.

Roll Out a Wheel to Flatten Your Abs

One of the most challenging but effective ab workouts for men is the ab wheel. It requires a ton of ab strength and an equally large amount of will to power through this exercise. Men who are new to this exercise can slowly deepen their roll outs as their strength builds.

What’s important, however, is to maintain proper form for every repetition. When doing ab wheels, make sure to keep your core engaged. Roll forward until you sense that you’re about to lose the tension or when you feel that your hips are sagging.

No Wheel? Try a Barbell Rollout Instead

Not all guys will have the best equipment for ab workouts for men. Not every gym will have it either. But what most men and gyms do have are barbells. An equally challenging alternative to ab wheel rollouts are barbell roll ups.

Just load up a bar with 10-pound plates and kneel behind it. Make sure your shoulders rest over the bar before you begin to roll the bar forward. Like with the ab wheel, stop when you feel like your hips are beginning to dip. You should also stop when your core feels like it’s going to give out.

Swiss Balls Make Great Ab Workouts for Men Too

Who ever said that Swiss balls are for sissies has never tried doing a full ab workout on one. Doing a crunch on a Swiss ball makes the exercise so much more challenging. Why? There’s the added challenge of staying balanced on the ball. To balance on the Swiss ball also requires keeping your abs engaged. This exercise definitely gets plus points for being double duty ab workouts for men!

Keep Things Dynamic with Dip and Leg Raise Combos

Do you want to challenge your abs plus the rest of your body at the same time? Throw some dip and leg raise combos into your routine. Find the dip station at your gym or look for some parallel bars anywhere else. Hop on them and bend your knees a bit before raising them in front of you until they’re parallel to the ground. Now this is a worthy exercise worth the hype when it comes to ab workouts for men.

Flutter Your Way to Awesome Abs

Now here’s one of the great ab workouts for men that looks easy but will have you grunting near the end. Flutter kicks will make you feel the burn for sure if you’re doing them right. To get proper form for this workout, lie with your back flat on the ground.

Keep your legs straight and your arms stretched out to your sides. Once you’re ready, lift your heels until they’re about half a foot off of the ground. Proceed to quickly kick your feet up and down as if you’re performing a back stroke flutter kick. Go for as long as you can, take a 30 second break, then start up again.

Back to Basics

Some ab workouts for men have stuck around for quite a long time because they’re just that effective. Leg raises are one of those basic exercises that deliver results all the time, especially for your lower abs. You don’t need much equipment for this either.

Lie on your back and grab hold of the bench or the legs of a heavy chair as support. With you core engaged, lift your legs up straight until they’re perpendicular to the ground. From there begin to slowly lower your legs, stopping just a few inches short of the floor. Retaining tension, lift your legs back up. That’s one rep.

Up Your Game on a Classic

Mountain climbers are one of the most classic ab workouts for men. They’re a favorite for cross fit coaches because they’ll shred your abs while getting your heartrate up. To turn this classic into a more effective exercise is as simple as throwing a medicine ball into the mix.

Instead of keeping your hands on the ground, hold the medicine ball with both hands. Starting in a push up position, powerfully and rapidly drive one knee up to your chest, then the next. As with any other work out, keep your abs fully engaged to maximize the effect.

Unleash Your Inner Superman

Time to dust off your old stability ball, boys, because they make incredible ab workouts for men. One combo in particular that’s great at creating ripped abs is the pike to superman. Start by assuming a push up position with your toes on the stability ball.

Next, bring your body into a pike position by bending at your hips to roll the ball towards your chest. Return to push up position then assume a superman position by rolling the ball up legs. Your body should be in a straight line and your arms extended over head while remaining on the ground.

Think Superman flying in a downward trajectory. When you get back to your original push up position after that, you’ve officially completed one rep. This is one of those combos that we like to call ab workouts for men, but in reality, they’re more. What they really are, are total body killers.


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