9 Ways to Eat Healthy


We are all aware of the importance of avoid eating processed foods. The concept of clean eating thus prevails. However amid the tons of boxed, packaged, frozen and bagged food items in grocery stores, it may sometimes be difficult to say no and stick to natural foods. However, as long as you try to avoid such foods you will be able to start up a habit of eating clean. There is no doubt that clean eating is conducive to a healthy lifestyle. So if you want to start losing weight, you should take clean eating seriously. Here are 9 ways to eat clean that could help you get started:


Pick whole foods

that is, foods that are as close to their natural or pure form, as possible.

Opt for more whole grains

such as barley, oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat bread and pasta. Refined carbs found in processed foods such as white bread and pasta, should be avoided as much as possible. Apart from being healthier, whole grain foods lower the risk of heart diseases and colon cancer.

Increase your intake of fruit and vegetables.

There is nothing more natural than fresh fruits and vegetables. And there are hundreds of meals you can prepare if you are well stocked with vegetables, and lots of snacks and desserts with fruits. Make your own juices and smoothies from fresh fruits, and look up different soups, snacks and meals you can prepare with various kinds of vegetables.

Eat healthy

Limiting salt and added sugars

the vast majority of clean foods are low in sugar and in salts, unlike processed foods. When adding anything to foods consider using herbs or spices, which are a more natural and relatively healthier alternative.

Avoiding artificial ingredients

nowadays many foods are made up of a considerable number of preservatives, sweeteners, and artificial coloring. Make sure that you are aware what you are eating. Certain foods may seem healthy but if you were to take the time to look at their food labels and read through the ingredients you will see if they are really healthy or not.

Make water your absolute favorite drink

there is nothing better than drinking water, and lots of it. Avoid sugary drinks, sodas, juices, flavored drinks and energy drinks.

Limit the intake of caffeine and alcohol

clean eating revolves around maintaining a healthy diet, which limits the amount of caffeine and alcohol you consume. If you want to take a cup of tea or coffee keep them plain, and avoid sweet mixers for alcoholic drinks.

Organic foods

organic produce which is free from pesticides, is one of the best ways to eat clean.

Meat, dairy and eggs

should be purchased from sources that you trust. Sometimes they might come from animals that are grown with artificial methods. So if you want to eat clean you should opt for meat, eggs and dairy products that come from local sources where animals are cared for in a proper, humane way.


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