8 Steps to a Healthy Diet – Without Counting Calories


Walking the path of a healthier diet and weight loss isn’t easy and many can attest to the struggles of exercising, eating less and minimizing calories intake in order to lose weight.  Understanding the concept of calories may not be easy especially for non-nutritionists. Regardless of this, it is still possible to attain a healthy diet without checking on calories as seen in these steps.

Do away with processed foods

Processed foodstuffs contain lots of additives and artificial sweeteners that tend to lead to weight gain. A healthy diet ought to nourish your body with nutrients and unprocessed foods fit into this gap as they are naturally healthy and nourishing. Focus on lots of fruits and green vegetables in your diets.

In fact, all the three major meals should contain at least either of fruits or vegetables to complete the set.  Some healthy snacks are also good to go with in between meals for a total workout that won’t necessary need counting of calories any more.  Taking processed foods once in a while is not bad either; though being keen on the package is all you need to do. Check for the ingredients and the fewer, the better for your take.

Take high protein breakfast

As long as you have taken protein based stuff like eggs in the morning, you wouldn’t need additional carbohydrates as the body would have gotten much needed energy.  Boiled eggs are the best as opposed to fried ones if you are on this plan.

Research has shown that taking eggs early morning equips the body with enough body building ingredients such and lets you take fewer calories for the rest of the day. Actually protein based foods are more filling when taken in the morning as opposed to carbohydrates and fats. Therefore, there is no need to work on issues of calories count because your body wouldn’t be in want for any of these up to 36 hours counting.

Choose good fat as opposed to bad ones

Knowing the difference between these two kinds of fat is another proper way of moving to a healthier diet without actually looking at calories.  Stick to monounsaturated and omega 3 fat as they are good in lowering bad cholesterol and are also low on calories generally.  Other saturated fats like trans found in processed foods are however not healthy as they tend to be high in calories.

Being calorie conscious is not bad but being obsessed might be derailing such that you end up depriving your body of what is dully necessary. The body system needs fat to keep on with its daily activities hence substantial amount ought to be present whether you are on strict diet or not.

Stay hydrated

Water therapy is the best when it comes to cleansing your system and improving your health. In fact, water is a good plan for losing weight as it helps the stomach feel full most of the time and boosts your metabolism.  It is the best option for removing by-products of fatty substances from the waistline. Just take one glass about 30 minutes before your meal and you won’t worry about counting calories any more.

Whole foods

A healthy diet should incorporate whole foods as these are high in vitamins, dietary fiber and minerals as a whole.  Whole foods keep the body healthy and energized the whole day especially if taken in the morning. These include nuts, fresh fruits and the like which are duly unprocessed and do not contain any artificial components.  Whole foods are known to contain fewer calories naturally and so, you’ll be well taken care of in terms of maintaining that healthy diet.

Take a variety

A variety of foodstuffs would ensure that you attain all the nutrients that the body requires. Different kinds of foods vary as far as these benefits are concerned and so, it pays to take as many groups as possible. A larger food assortment gives adequate disease fighting mechanisms to ensure you stay as healthy as required.  A better idea is to come up with a timetable so that you can organize yourself accordingly. Alternate the items so as to kill boredom of specific foodstuffs. Let your body be in want of certain types by making a big gap on your list.

Incorporate lots of greens

Greens are good when it comes to detoxifying your body and supplying minerals. Taking greens like spinach, collard, lettuce and kale is an assurance that your body is nourished with essential nutrients like zinc, magnesium and iron. Actually, greens enrich the body with vary many components that act towards immune system build up and energy boost.

Greens can be taken as salads or fresh juice for a healthy makeup of your entire system.  You can also alternate the cooking method of your vegetables by going for sautéed greens today; and alternating with boiled ones the next day. As long as it is delicious, it won’t be a problem to consume these nutrient rich stuffs every day.

Healthy cooking

How a meal is prepared greatly influences the outcome and it is a better idea to keep watch when preparing any meal.  Cooking criteria which breaks the health factor may include fried, sautéed or drenched foodstuffs. Otherwise, if you want to maintain the healthiness, it would be better to bake, steam, roast or boil the content. Lean meat and chicken give better results when grilled or roasted for that matter. So next time you are invited for that party, don’t limit yourself to salads and vegetable. Get it going and enjoy the roasted and grilled meats and chicken without hesitation.

The bottom line therefore should be to learn what is healthy and what’s not. Once you have a sensibly portioned meal that’s healthy then the calories will just fall into their place. A healthy meal ensures that you are satisfied, you get all the nutrients and of cause the correct portion of calories without the need to keep on counting.

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