7 Reasons to Try a Low Carbohydrate Diet

Low carbodydrates diet

We’ll be the first people to tell you that no diet is created equal. In the same way, we’ll also tell you that there’s no diet that will work for every kind of person out there. We’re all different, our bodies are different, the way our bodies react to various foods will always be different, so there’s just no way to have a one-plan-fits-all approach to nutrition.

With that being said, we have found that there a large percentage of the population would truly benefit from trying a low carbohydrate diet. A low carb diet is particularly effective for people who are struggling with obesity, those who are dealing with metabolic syndrome, or people who have Type II diabetes.

Studies have shown that for these people in particular, a low carbohydrate diet will have better results than a low-fat diet. Apart from that, there are other reasons to try a low carb diet if you haven’t had any success with other programs.

#1: Enjoy Effortless Calorie Restriction

The thing that people struggle with the most when going on diets is restricting calories. After all, for you to really lose weight, you need to be on a calorie deficit. This may seem counterintuitive given that people on low carb diets are usually allowed to eat as much as they want while low fat diets really control portions and set strict calorie intake standards. However, research has shown that people on low carb diets tend to naturally ingest less calories because their food takes longer to digest. Eating less carbs also has a hunger killing effect as the lower sugar intake means less cravings and less temptation to binge.

#2: You’ll Lose More Weight

This is not a claim we make lightly. Research has definitely shown that proponents of a low carbohydrate diet are more likely to lose more weight (and keep it off!) than people who choose to subscribe to a low-fat diet. This is not to say that low fat diets are not effective. Again, different strokes for different folks.

However, the statistics certainly trend in favor of a low carb diet plan. Certainly, the results vary. Sometimes the difference is small, sometimes people will lose 2 or 3 times more fat, but at the end of the day, the effectivity of a low carb diet is still higher. More importantly, you’ll lose a greater percentage of abdominal fat while on a low carb diet. This is huge because it means that it’s the deep visceral fat that’s being burned.

For those who are not aware, the visceral fat is directly related to diabetes and heart disease. It’s also the hardest kind of fat to get rid of. Why put so much effort into a diet plan that won’t give you the results you want when there’s a high chance that a low carb diet will deliver better results?

#3: Increase Your “Good” Cholesterol While Lowering Your Triglycerides

What’s so bad about triglycerides? Well, apart from having a scary name, triglycerides are also one of the key indicators of how prone you are to heart disease. Not only that, they’re also directly linked to the number of refined carbohydrates you consume. As such, a low carbohydrate diet will naturally and drastically lower your triglyceride levels.

Other diets don’t quite have the same effect while others may just make it worse. Meanwhile, low carb diets will improve the amount of HDL cholesterol that you have in your body. HDL, or the “good” cholesterol, is an important compound to include in your diet as it helps prevent heart disease.

Since HDL is essentially a fat, diet plans that are low fat in nature will reduce the amount of good cholesterol that you have in your body. We don’t know about you, but we’re not so keen on turning our bodies into a ticking time bomb.

#4: Better Glycemic Control

To be completely frank, if you’re a diabetic, there’s a nearly 100% guarantee that a low carbohydrate diet will greatly improve your health and bring about great weight loss. The simple reason is because diabetics are unable to effectively convert glucose into cells. At the end of day, carbs are pretty much glucose, so ingesting too much carbs is detrimental to a diabetic’s health.

Decreasing your carbohydrate intake will ensure that your body has less glucose to contend with. In the long (or short) run, this means a decrease in blood sugar levels and less dependency or need for insulin medication or medicines that lower blood glucose levels. Some case studies have even shown that a low carbohydrate diet can reverse type II diabetes in some patients.

Additionally, doctors who prescribe a carbohydrate restricted diet to their patients will usually see insulin dependency go down by up to 50% on the first day of the diet alone. Imagine how quickly you can ween yourself off of insulin altogether if you stick to a no carb diet.

#5: It’s Much Easier to Stick to

The whole concept of restricting an entire food group from your diet may be daunting, but trust us when we tell you that it’s not impossible. In fact, when it comes to the different kinds of foods to cut from your diet, it turns out that carbs are the easiest to say good bye to. Sure, there it’s an uphill battle at first, but once you get past the first week, it’s actually quite easy.

Once you’ve removed carbohydrates from your diet and your glucose levels regularize, your cravings die with them. In a case study conducted on no carb and low-fat diets, researchers found that more people actually completed the study when they restricted carbs verses restricting fat.

Ultimately, our success on a diet depends on whether or not we can commit to the program on a long enough term to see measurable and sustainable results. The bottom line is simply this: a low-carb diet gives you a higher chance of success than any other kind of diet.


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