6 Easy to Find Superfoods You Should Eat Everyday


Superfoods don’t have their own food group but share one thing in common. They are multi-taskers that provide excellent nutrition to the body. This is the way to go if you really want to stay healthy, have a sound mind and improve on your sex life. In fact, intake of healthy foods should amount to more than the junks that most people usually crave for often.

Many people think that to eat healthy means to spend lots of bucks. This is not the case with lots of tons of superfoods around us.  Most of these foods are within reach and everyone can afford them. As long as you have taken that path of a healthy lifestyle, it is better to equip yourself with information regarding how to go about selecting well nourishing foods.  These six superfoods will nourish your body with tons of nutrients.


Spinach is easy to find, right? Every green leafy vegetable such as kales, lettuce and the like is easy to find as well. Anyone may ask why spinach and not kales. There is absolutely nothing wrong by going the kales way because it also has its nutritional values.

Spinach on the other hand falls into the category of supefoods because of various reasons. It consists of folate which increases blood flow. Lutein is another component found in spinach that is effective in improving your sex drive. Just half a cup of cooked spinach is enough for daily intake. It can also be mixed with other kinds of fruits to make delicious and healthy smoothies.


A superfood that can be eaten either raw or when cooked. Its nutritional value is much high when eaten raw as a salad or taken as juice. Tomatoes contain antioxidant lycopena, which is usually easily absorbed by the body. Lycopena is a component that works by reducing the risks of certain kinds of cancer such as prostate, stomach and skin cancers among others.


Oranges provide lots of nutritional values to the body. For one, they are rich in vitamin C, which is responsible for collagen production. This component helps the body to absorb iron rich foods much easily. Iron is the greatest blood builder and hence very important for formation of red blood cells.

Oranges can be taken as a fruit or juice, depending on one’s preference. Take oranges regularly to boost your mental outlook and boost your mood. Presence of vitamin B component ensures proper functioning of the nervous system.


Actually all kinds of nuts are nutritious and provide a lot of health benefits. They pride themselves in omega 3 fatty acids, plant sterols, fibre and unsaturated fat but are mostly rich in protein and fibre for effective digestion. For example almonds are rich in vitamin E which is responsible for proper skin formation.

Cashews are dully important especially for the aged. They are a perfect option for keeping the mind alert and arresting memory lapses. Others like chestnuts are good in fibre provision. Walnuts are richer in omega 3 and it is said that it surpasses salmon in terms of anti inflammatory polyphenols. Just 1 ounce is good enough for recovery of post workout.

Nuts can be eaten raw, roasted or grounded to make flour. You can use the flour to bake cakes or make porridge. Grounded nuts are used on bread as peanuts, alongside other accessories like jam and margarine. Better still, take them as a snack; pack roasted nuts for your young ones to school and carry some to the office for your break tea.


Be it green or black, beans are a good source of iron, protein and fibre. Iron is essential and is responsible for transporting oxygen to all the body cells via the lungs. This is a mineral that is the base of the formation of human beings. Once an embryo attaches to the uterine wall and begins its long journey of growth, it is the mineral iron that stands in the gap.

Beans also contain the antioxidant anthocyanins which is useful when it comes to improving brain functionality. Besides, it is rich in fibre and therefore a good option to start the day on. Beans can be taken alongside other starch like rice or potatoes.


Yogurt is very rich in proteins, potassium and calcium. It is also a source of many vitamins as well as minerals, essential for a healthy growth. 3 servings a day is what Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend for persons aged 9 and above.

Yogurt contains adequate amount of probiotics necessary for maintain bacterial balance within the body. Bacterial infection is a common attack that can be smartly be controlled by frequent consumption of yogurt. This is a sure way of ensuring that the digestive system functions as it ought to.

Enjoy your glass of yogurt either on its own or better still fruit it up for a healthier and tastier feel. For those who love salads, yogurt is a perfect choice for dressing and can as well be used in smoothies for a refreshing drink.

All in all, don’t expect magic from these superfoods. It should be otherwise a time plan and allow your body to move to that direction as swiftly as possible. Don’t just stick to them whenever you feel the need but plan on getting used to taking these easy to find superfoods for a lifetime. Besides, take lots of water and exercise regularly to increase blood flow, stay healthy and assist your body get rid of impurities naturally as you continue with healthy dieting.

You will find many options in one category of food. For example beans and nuts are rich in proteins. But there are other protein providers that can work equally well even though they are not easily found. Lean meat and chicken for example are good sources of protein. Act smart and go for easily sought products like beans and still get the same nutritional value you would have gotten from other products.



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