5 Health Benefits of Drinking The best Green Tea for weight loss


Does the best green tea for weight loss really work? Tea is the most common beverage that you can find in every household and has no limit on when to drink it. Every time is tea time and this is probably the reason why people have become accustomed to taking tea. If it were for the taste, I guess drinking chocolates and soda beverages have better tastes than plain or black tea.

This is not however the case, people stick to tea for its medicinal values. Green tea for that matter has numerous health benefits than its counterpart ‘black tea’. During the processing stages, black tea goes through fermentation among other steps; though green tea’s processing doesn’t include fermentation.

This simple scenario is what is responsible for the total difference between these two products.  This also explains the values which   green tea carries from the farm right into your cup. Avoiding fermentation ensures that green tea retains a larger quantity of antioxidants substance as well as poly-phenols, thereby ensuring that it remains packed with lots of benefits as these.

Best green tea for weight loss

Cancer prevention

Green tea contains poly-phenols which is believed to be effective in killing cancerous cells, stopping them from multiplying and growing.  This can also explain why tea growing countries report lower cancer rates.  Take green tea at least once a day and lower your risks of breast, ovarian, stomach, prostate and colorectal cancer.

The cells causing these and other kinds of cancer form when the body cells break loose of the ordinary cycle of their growth and start all over again, growing tremendously. This is actually what results to harmful and other life-threatening tumours within the body. These can grow in a variety of areas resulting to the given names according to which part they grow in. Green tea therefore works by reducing cellular levels of D1 protein that is needed for the cancer cells to grow.

Improves dental health

Drinking green tea is associated to lowering risks of tooth decay because it contains catechin which is very effective in killing of bacteria. There are food particles which are bound to remain in the mouth even after brushing your teeth. With continuous pillage, bacteria start to accumulate causing tooth aches. The normal tooth brushes aren’t able to penetrate all corners and hence chances of infection become paramount.

Taking a cup of green tea each morning would ensure that any present bacteria gets a dose of its own medicine thereby inhibiting their multiplication and growth. Since the catechins are powerful antibacterial and antiviral agents, treat your flu and other related conditions naturally without medication. Frequent green tea takers rarely have flu and other bacterial infections.

Lowers the risk of Type II Diabetes

Diabetes is associated with high blood sugar levels which inhibits productivity of insulin. It is among the killer diseases of the present age and is quite demanding in terms of cure. Diabetes is also difficult to manage with many people opting for insulin injection to boost their levels. This is however still not good enough as too much usage would mean drug resistance at some point.  The better option is to stick to green tea which acts by improving insulin sensitivity which in turn acts when necessary to reduce high level s of blood sugar to manageable state.

Green Tea improves health generally

Being that it doesn’t undergo fermentation, green tea is processed with its nutrients, like poly-phenols intact.  The catechins and flavonoid nutrients present are good antioxidants which ensure that your body is free from radicals and toxins. These nutrients protect the cells and molecules from possible damage and are good anti aging agents as well. Take green tea and maintain a clearer skin and a healthy look for many years to come.

It’s a good plan for clearing wrinkles thereby making you appear young as long as you wish. For those who have become accustomed to taking tea every morning, going for a day without tea would eventually elevate chances of constant headaches. Green tea is believed to have the ability to sooth and relax the mind as it contains theanine component. Simply have as little as a cup of green tea daily and reduce the chances of experiencing frequent headaches.

It helps in weight loss

Since it contains polyphenol, taking green tea helps improve the metabolism rate thereby activating the fat burning process.  This is a healthy plan when it comes to targeting and reducing abdominal amounts of fat. This also explains how it reduces bad cholesterol and promotes the good cholesterol that the body needs for its normal operations.

With reduction of bad cholesterol, there are improved health conditions as a whole. Risks of heart attacks and other related heart diseases would be minimal. This tea helps the blood vessel lining, enabling them be relaxed for better performance. This in turn promotes adequate air circulation to and from the heart; and prevents blood clots formation.

Tea is mostly popular and readily available although green tea leads in terms of performance. It has numerous benefits and all you need in a day are just two cups to get all these plus other goodies. Some have even noted that tea in general is addictive. However true this is, it could be as a result of the presence of caffeine in tea that works towards that direction. Lactating and pregnant mothers who wish to enjoy these benefits may hold on for a while until they are done. Why?

Why does it help with Weight Loss?

The presence of caffeine has been linked to reduction in iron and folic acid absorption. These two components are vital in the journey of pregnancy and early child care. Even with this said the benefits still outweigh the downfalls of taking green tea.

The better part is that, there are healthy ingredients that you can incorporate into your cup of tea and get double benefits in one go. Take ginger for example; it works by soothing the brain and helps in active participation of the memory glands. Perhaps, you can don a little ginger in and get a relaxing sensation each time you grab your cup of tea.

best green tea for weight loss


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