5 Easy Ways to Kick-Start Your Weight Loss


Whether you’ve made the decision to lose weight on your own, have been procrastinating on your New Year resolution of dropping a few pounds or are morbidly obese and get to kick-start your weight loss journey asap, we all know that getting started and following through is easier said than done.

Many of us have turned to fad diets or unhealthy means of trying to kick start our weight loss with abysmal or maybe even horrendous results, but that all stops now. Quick fixes have no place in a solid weight loss regiment and the daunting task of dropping pounds is far more than simply eating less and moving more. Started your weight loss begins with small changes that can lead to long term practices that change the way you approach losing weight all together.

Change The Way You Think of Weight Loss

One of the most important and, surprisingly, simple ways to kick-start your weight loss is to change the way you think about the process all together. We often see weight loss as a boring and mundane task that revolves around bland and miniscule portions of food, hours of mind numbing exercise at the gym and deprivation.

This shouldn’t be the case and is a guaranteed way to fail at losing weight. Instead of thinking of the process as a punishment or a deprivation of sorts, think of it as a life style change. Essentially, long term and effective weight loss (where the pounds stay off!) is only possible if you implement a lifestyle change.

Before you go running for the hills in fear, when we say lifestyle change, we mean making small changes that will, in the long run, have a huge impact on your health. Tell yourself that you are still welcome to enjoy the things you love and that you’re really just exercising moderation and making healthier food decisions. You’ll be happier, healthier and definitely more content.

Eat Your Breakfast

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Remember that age old adage? Well, it’s an age old adage for a reason. If you think that skipping breakfast is an extra opportunity to cut more calories from your day, you are sabotaging yourself. Breakfast sets the foodie tone for your entire day by kick starting your metabolism for the day.

Often times, people who skip breakfast experience lower energy throughout the day, which leaves you with little motivation or gusto to exercise. It can also lead to increased hunger by the time lunch rolls around, which means a higher probability of making poor food decisions or binge eating.

Make the best out of your mornings by enjoying a delicious and nutritious breakfast that contains tons of high-fiber, protein and fruit. If this is a huge change to your routine, you can start small and simply have a small serving of Greek yogurt in the morning. What’s important is to stop skipping the meal. Oh, make sure to have it as early as possible as well. Don’t wait until you get to the office to breakfast.

Make Small Adjustments to Your Portions

While “eat less, move more” is not as easy as people make it sound, it does hold truth to it and making small adjustments to your portions is a great way to kick start your weight loss. Let’s say, for example, that you’re used to eating 2 cups of rice or a double portion of carbohydrates with every meal. Cutting that down by a quarter in the first two weeks then cutting it down to half your usual portions for the two weeks thereafter is a small but effective way to lower your consumption. Another easy way to adjust your portions is to purchase smaller dinnerware.

If you’re used to eating a big plate of food for dinner, switching to a plate that’s half the size and filling it up can deceive your brain into thinking you’re eating more food when you’re actually eating slightly less (or significantly less) food.

Switch Your Favorite Drink Out with Water

Think about the beverages that you typically consume in a day. Better yet, head to your refrigerator or have a quick look on the internet and check how many calories are in the drinks you take on a regular basis. Now add them all up.

If you drink iced cappuccinos, fruit juices, sodas or alcohol regularly, we can pretty much guarantee that you have been sufficiently and thoroughly shocked by the amount of calories you’re ingesting daily from those beverages alone. Liquids are, simply put, full of sneaky calories and switching these drinks out for water is an incredibly easy way to cut huge amounts of excess calories from your diet.

As a zero calorie liquid, water doesn’t just cut calories, it also helps you feel full faster if you consume your daily required amount. Not to mention the positive effect it will have on your overall health. You may be thinking, “Can’t I just switch my favorite soda out for this diet version instead?” Well, yes, you could. However, diet sodas are filled with additives and synthesized sweeteners that aren’t just bad for you, they also trigger sugar cravings that could end with you eating something you probably shouldn’t.

Add Movement to Your Day

No one expects you to go from glorified couch potato to gym rat overnight. However, adding some movement to your day, even if it’s just 10 minutes, is a fantastic way to kick-start your weight loss without completely overhauling your daily routine. One of the easiest ways to add movement to your day is by doing something you love.

Perhaps you used to enjoy dancing the night away at a club or you love spending time with your pooch when you’re at home. Turn those activities into a positive one by joining a dancing class or taking your pet out to the park for a fun afternoon. If that’s too much for you, you could start by taking a 10-minute walk around your neighborhood.

Once these small changes become an easy part of your day, you can crank it up a notch. Turn your 10-minute walk into a 20-minute one or play for longer at the dog park with your furry friend. Remember, small changes are key and far more effective in the long run.

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