4 Most Effective Detox Foods to try


The secret to a healthy life is the choice of perfect foods. Don’t even worry of what happens beyond the mouth. Our body organs have all the mechanisms in place to act appropriately. It is therefore normal for such organs to get clogged in the process of their never ending functions. This is the main reason why cleansing or detoxifying your body is an option that should not be escaped by all those planning on taking a healthy lifestyle challenge. In fact the body has its own natural way of cleansing toxins by working concurrently with other functions within the body. Detoxification therefore comes in handy to improve the body’s systems for a healthier you.

General cleaning of the external body is something that comes naturally. Talk of brushing the teeth, keeping the hair clean and overall body cleaning for a better look. What happens is that what we take in as food could be the number one problem in most cases. No one knows the science behind internal functions apart from what we read from scholars. This explains why we may not know when the internal organs need cleansing. The best option is to be on the lookout on the kinds of foods we consume. Foodstuffs can wreck havoc or improve your health with a great impact.

These four effective detox foods are a must for anyone concerned about their health.

Green and White Tea

Anytime is tea time and this is a hint of just how this detox drink can be effective in your health life. Its benefits are also numerous apart from being a normal drink. Tea is a good product for soothing the nerves and increasing alertness. It is as well a powerful detox comprising of polyphenols which is the number one element as far as detoxification is concerned. The polyphenols found in green tea is indeed an antioxidant which works by eliminating any harmful radicals within the system.

White tea works equally well and is prone to simultaneously boost the process of fat breakdown commonly known as lipolysis. This in turn hinders fat cells formation and improves the general health.

Green vegetables

Taken as salad or steamed, greens do work magic when it comes to cleansing your body of impurities. One such is the collard greens, a vegetable that is known for its ability to eliminate excess cholesterol from the body. When steamed, this green offers function-ability that is close to cholestyramine, a drug used for lowering the level of cholesterol to improve your health condition.

Green smoothies also come in handy especially when you start your day on this healthy note. Blending greens such as celery, spinach and kale onto some berries not only gives you a delicious smoothie, but a health detox plan. These greens contain chlorophyll which is a detoxifying molecule. It works by removing harmful toxins and creating conducive environment for the liver to function in.

Some people perceive cabbage as greens while others think otherwise. No matter how you look at it, cabbage is a diuretic that is packed with glucosinolates that is useful for elimination of unwanted toxins.

Water and Lemon

Do you regard water as food or a drink? Well whatever the case, water is an essential commodity that detoxifies your body naturally. The best remedy when it comes to helping the liver flush out toxins is water. It is recommended to take up to 8 glasses of water every day, half of that number in the morning and the rest spread throughout the day.

Lemon is another powerful detoxifier which can either be taken on its own, or added to a mug of cold or warm water. The antibacterial essentials in lemon are good mechanisms for purifying the blood. It is also effective for colon cleansing and balancing of its pH level. Talk of the antioxidant de-limonene compound that is found in lemon peels. This powerful stimulant acts as the liver enzymes catalyst, helping it to eliminate any toxins as desired.


Though not a favourite of many, this spice contains curcumin, a powerful compound meant to resolve digestive disorders.  Curcumin also a liver anti-inflammatory compound is responsible for the production of glutathione antioxidant which ensures the liver is in perfect condition and is not overworked.

Other detox foods

There are other lots of detox foods that can easily be found such as the natural foods, fruits and vegetables. For example pineapple contains bromelian which is a digestive enzyme that helps to break down fats. Salmon is also in the line as it comes in handy especially for smokers to avert arterial stiffness. This side effect in smokers inhibits proper flow of blood via the arteries to other parts of the body.

All in all, detoxification is the number one point in ensuring that our bodies are healthy even though most people just take it on a light note that cleansing your body improves the overall health. However, there is more to just that. Detoxification does not only improve the health of the body, but your mind as well. Most of the times, it is good remedy for fighting unexplained headaches, curbing yourself from allergic reactions, relieving back pains and mostly, removing off dangerous chemicals from within.

More about detox foods

The truth of the matter is that these detox foods are long term plans. Although there are other short term plans like 24 hour juice fasting, intravenous injections and colon cleansing, they tend to be popular but are the least successful. For example something like fad diets will lead you to deprive yourself of key nutrients, which then proves not to be healthy.

Detox plan that is done through moderation like taking effective detox foods tend to work effectively over a period of time. Healthy habits results to a healthy lifestyle and one that is comfortable. New habits usually take time and giving a lifestyle approach with a hard to follow program may not last long. Take a long term plan and make it a habit that you can enjoy as long as you wish, in regard to detoxifying your body, mind and soul in general.

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