What is the 3 day military Diet? As you take a look at the body of a military person you are bound to notice how fit he or she is. Military people are generally well built and fit, and that dream body is hard to get considering that they tend to be devoted to a great deal of exercises and strenuous workouts. However with the military diet one may feel that there could be some hope in managing to attain those same results.

The concept of the 3 day military diet is actually that of losing weight quickly and for those who have this aim or dream, this is often considered as the best option. In fact the 3 day military diet is often the diet of choice when people feel that they are too fat to fit in their swimming costume, or when there is a special occasion when they just need to look slimmer and better. The 3 day military diet is often recommended in such cases, and even though there are the pros and cons to this, it is a good idea to go over what this kind of diet is really all about.

Are there Results on The military Diet

3 day military diet
Example of 3 day military diet

Many claim that with the 3 day military diet one can manage to lose up to 10 pounds within just 1 week. Whether this is true or not depends on one's commitment to actually do what the diet proposes, and since it is after all a military diet, the commands are quite demanding. This is one of the main reasons why most people prefer to do away with such a strict regimen.

To put this kind of diet into perspective, it is best to mention some of the proposed meals for these 3 days. For breakfast typically one would eat just a cup of coffee, a slice of whole wheat toast plain or with some peanut butter, and half a grapefruit or banana. For lunch one would eat something really basic such as half a cup of cottage cheese and five crackers, along with a hard boiled egg, or else a slice of toast and half a can of tuna.

The dinner will then consist of about 3 ounces of meat, some beans, and a small apple, or else some carrots and broccoli, 2 hot dogs without a bun and half a banana. As you may see it is a very simple and strict and best diet plan, which for many people seems to be quite unacceptable as they cannot imagine themselves not undergoing pangs of hunger after having eaten just these foods in such small portions. However this is what is proposed in the 3 day military diet.

These are the types of foods that one needs to eat, with some variances from one day to another.

What to eat on The 3 day Military diet

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The main question that comes out after having understood what breakfast, lunch and dinner look like in the military diet, is that once the 3 days have passed, what should one do? Should one start to eat whatever he or she wants and expect to retain the same weight? Needless to say most people try to be strict with themselves but it is difficult to do so.

So even though one may have managed to get in shape and lose some weight with this kind of diet, one cannot expect to not put on weight shortly after as it is almost impossible to imagine someone sticking to those kinds of meals for several days.

The military diet is in a nutshell a low calorie weight loss diet that could lead to considerable weight loss quite quickly. However one cannot expect extraordinary results to be maintained in the long run.

Why this Diet is the Best

3 Day Military Diet
                                            The 3 Day Military Diet

The 3 day military diet is often split into two phases over a week. So, for the first 3 days, one will need to follow a strict low-calorie meal plan for breakfast, lunch and dinner and not consume any snacks in between. During these 3 days the total calorie intake is roughly between 1,100 and 1,400 calories daily. This is evidently really low, and considerably lower than what an adult should consume per day, thus the weight loss that is attained.

Then, for the remaining four days one will not have to stick to those food options but rather make sure to eat healthy and continue to keep the daily caloric intake as low as possible. This is however easier said than done in most cases.

Those who feel that the military diet is really great recommend repeating the diet several times until one manages to reach the weight goal one has in mind. However apart from being quite difficult one will also need to take into account whether this is healthy or not.

While the military diet is relatively safe for the average person as long as it is retained for just 3 days or 1 week, if one were to follow this diet for several weeks or months, the strict limit on the calories that one would be consuming is definitely gping to lead to nutrient deficiencies.

Can you lose weight with this diet

3 day military diet

Considering this, this diet is fairly easy to stick to since it is just for a short period of time, or at least that is how it is promoted. It does not really rely on long-term changes and the fact that one just needs to be motivated and keep his or her willpower for a short period of time could be one of the advantages of this diet.

Having said that, it probably will lead to weight gain if one ends up eating whatever comes his way once that week as passed, and naturally attempting to keep the weight off in the long run is not going to be possible because one will not be changing any habits or his lifestyle with this diet because it is quite impossible to manage to do so with those meager caloric intakes per day and the bland foods that are proposed.

So in conclusion one can state that the military diet is likely to offer some short term results in terms of weight loss but it is not a sustainable or long term diet plan. So if you are looking for lasting weight loss this is not the diet you should opt for.


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