Is the 3 Day Diet Legit?

3 day diet

What would you do or think if you were told that it was possible to eat ice cream and still lose up to 10 pounds in a week? If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably scoff, guffaw or flat out laugh in the face of whoever spouted such nonsense. And yet still a diet phenomenon called the 3 Day Diet is taking the internet and health influencers by storm.

Also known as the Military Diet, the Three Day Diet is an extremely rigid eating meal plan that is followed for three days, as the name suggests. The remaining four days of the week are dedicated to maintenance and is where participants are supposed to start seeing the fat melt away.

While skepticism is abounding (as with any successful diet plan), there is a huge outpour of support for the Three Day Diet online. Blogs, Pinterest boards and video blogs on Youtube alike are exploding with hard-to-believe before and after photos that not only show the legitimacy behind the diet, but also give many people some massive fitness inspiration. Are the changes hard to believe? We’d be foolish to claim otherwise. However, it certainly seems like the diet is at least worth a shot.

How Does It Work?

It goes without saying that this diet is pretty darn restrictive. Heck, any diet that claims to help you lose up to 10 pounds a week is bound to have some pretty tight parameters to stick to. When it comes to this diet in particular, participants will need to restrict their daily consumption of calories to between 1,100 and 1,400.

At the same time, the calories being consumed have to be some kind of fat burning food. Some examples of this would be bananas, tuna and, believe it or not, hot dogs. Now, there’s no point in denying it so we’re just going to come out and say it: this diet is brutal. It’s incredibly restrictive and you will likely feel hungry. The good news is there’s light at the end of the tunnel since the diet only lasts 3 days. If you’re the kind of person that can tough it out for a hardcore 72 hours, then this is the diet for you.

What to Expect on Day 1?

Day one on the Three Day Diet is a little like baptism by fire. Considering there’s only three days to really get the weight loss process started, it only makes sense that it’s going to be a bit of a shock to the system. Breakfast on day 1 starts with half a grapefruit, a single slice of toast, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and coffee.

Lunch comes with more coffee, another piece of toast and some tuna. Meanwhile, dinner is comprised of a full cup of green beans, half a banana, a small apple, three ounces of meat and, thankfully so, one cup of vanilla bean ice cream. All in all your day will consist of 1,400 calories.

What About Day 2?

Things get interesting (aka much more difficult) on day 2 as the caloric intake drops to 1,200 calories for the whole day. If you’re choosing to start this diet, you can look forward half a banana for breakfast, one egg and one slice of toast. Yes, this is very basic, and yes, you’ll find it bland, but just keep your eyes on the prize and remember that many people got fantastic results from this diet. Lunch on day 2 will consist of 5 saltine crackers, a nice full cup of cottage cheese and a singular hardboiled egg.

By the time dinner rolls around, you’re going to be craving your food. Luckily, dinner has a bit of a treat for those on the Three Day Diet as you can have 2 hotdogs (without a bun of course) as part of your dinner meal. The other components of the meal include a cup of broccoli, half a cup of carrots, half a banana and yes, another half-cup of ice cream as a treat.

The Final Day: Day 3

On the final day of the diet, your calorie intake drops another 100-calories to 1,100. Your first meal of the day features 5 saltine crackers, one small apple and an ounce of cheddar cheese for good measure. As lunch time rolls along, you can enjoy a single hardboiled egg and a piece of toast.

If you’re feeling fancy or don’t mind spending some extra time in the kitchen, you’re also welcome to cook the egg however you want. Dinner is a bit of a sad affair as you can only consume half a banana and a cup of tuna. It is, however, made slightly more bearable thanks to one cup of vanilla ice cream that comes with the study.

What Happens During Maintenance?

After you fight your way through three days of intense dieting, a four-day period of maintenance kicks in. During this time, you’re allowed to eat and exercise as you normally would. This is the part that people love about the Three Day Diet, because it gives them a sense of normalcy and will keep them from feeling deprived after the first few days. Most crash diets or fad diets only allow a maximum of 800 calories, but the Three Day Diet allows people to eat 1,500 calories – that’s almost double the amount for not very much.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

It should probably go without saying that this diet requires patience, dedication and a willingness to commit fully to the eating plan. Additionally, the regular and steady consumption of water is also absolutely essential for the diet plan to work well. Making sure that you’re well hydrated will help to flush out unwanted toxins from the body and the heavy consumption of water will also ensure that dieters will stay fuller for longer. Ultimately, what’s most important is to just continue to remind yourself why you’re on the diet in the first place. After all, what’s three days compared to huge drops in the scales, right?


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