24 hour Fitness Reviews

24 hour fitness reviews

24-hour fitness is the world's largest fitness company, with over 400 gyms across the United States of America, where the company is predominantly based. It has a sister company in the United Kingdom, which is known as Fitness First. Fitness First has almost 400 clubs right across the United Kingdom, with almost 1 million members. In the US, 24 fitness can be found in a total of 13 states.

Those 13 states included California, Florida, Texas and New York. The 24 Fitness employees almost 20,000 people and has around 4 million members. To start with, new members can try out the club for 3 days, which is free of charge. They will get 3 full days of trying out the gym and the training, fitness and exercise classes. If you like 24 fitness, then you can acquire a membership there.

There are several types of memberships that you can get, if you join this gym. Two of the main memberships that you can get, is paying a monthly membership, or, in paying a yearly membership. If you take the monthly membership, then you have the freedom and flexibility to cancel or renew the membership whenever you want. This can be good for people who cannot pay the upfront fee for a year.

Yearly Membership

If you go for the yearly membership, that will last for a total of twelve months. You will then renew your gym membership after those twelve months. This is called a commitment membership. The commitment membership is worth it. If you can buy it, then you should, because it is cheaper in the long run. Try saving up for the yearly membership, then you can save move. As the monthly membership is more expensive.

These are not the only mem, memberships that you can get, there are other memberships that you can get. You can purchase a family membership, this membership works as an add-on. Again, it can be cheaper in the long run, if all of the family are looking to take part in the gym. You can also get gym memberships her for kids, which is suitable for the kid's classes.

The kid's classes at 24 fitness, are one of the many types of fitness classes that you can get. This is known as the Kids Club. It's a place for your kids to play, supervised by an employee at the gym, while you work out. If you have older kids, then they can take part in some gym activities or fitness classes.

Fitness Classes

There are several types of fitness classes that you can take part in, while you are a member of the gym. You will have to check your local gym, as classes could vary, depending on where you are. Usually, though, the G24 fitness classes, as they are known at the 24 Fitness gym, are pretty consistent in their natural. And, will be the same throughout any major city.

Your G24 fitness classes, centre around four main principles. The first main principle is, is strength. The classes are built around giving your body and creating within your body, strength. In other words, a core element of these classes is to create strong muscles and a strong and fit body.

The next core element of the G24 fitness classes is intensity. Intensity is a core element of this type of fitness class. They require a lot of stamina and strength. They are classes which will certainly leave you sweating at the end of them and most likely during them too! But, no hard work means no reward.

Burn Fitness Classes

Next, the third core element of these fitness classes is, burn. To burn means to burn off all those calories. Like the second point, the classes are there to make you move intensely. In doing so, they help you burn off all of that fat. Therefore, it can be a great way to lose weight and get in shape. However, it's also going to require a lot of effort and a lot of movement. Prepare!

Lastly, number four is in this fitness class, is bliss. Although you will be moving intensely, the goal is to create bliss in your life. When you exercise, it might make you feel tired out, but, it will also make you feel blissful. Excercise makes you feel better because it pumps out to feel good chemicals called - dopamine.

All of these four core elements in the 24 Fitness classes, offer a carefully put together class, which gives you several health, fitness and mindedness benefits. This is what makes it unique and worthwhile in taking up - there are several benefits to this fitness class and that makes this fitness class worth taking part in, because it will be rewarding in the long run.

Personal Trainer

If taking part in fitness classes is not your thing, then you could take part in some personal training classes. Personal training classes work quite differently from fitness training classes. Personal training is more centred around taking a serious approach to fitness. You can also do this type of fitness one-on-one with a personal trainer. Or, if you want to be part of a class, then you can take part in a personal training class.

There are benefits to both types of classes, and therefore, you should probably schedule some time into taking part in both types of classes. The first one, personal training classes one-on-one, gives you undevoted attention by a personal trainer. Which means that you will be getting full attention and help from your personal trainer, rather than sharing it with a class.

Even though there are benefits to one-on-one personal training, like we have just listed, there are also benefits in taking part in a personal fitness class. The benefit of taking part in a personal fitness class, is the social aspect of it. You are with other people, so you can socialize with them and make some friends!

Also, because you are with other people, you will be having more fun. Doing a fitness class with other people is more fun. Try and take up both types of classes and receive both rewards!


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