10 Things You Need to Know About Miracle Weight Loss Drugs


If you’ve ever wished that there was a to instantly lose weight without ever having to make an effort, know this: you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people, men and women alike, have had some form struggle with their weight. The sad reality, however, is that a majority of them always seem to search for a miracle solution first instead of putting in the hard work and dedication it takes to drop the pounds.

This reality is exactly the diet industry is such a lucrative one. Companies bank on the laziness of people and make grand promises (most of the time without any real basis) just to make a quick buck. If you’re at your local health store and see a drug claiming to deliver amazing results with just one pill, stop for a moment and remember these 10 things that you need to know about miracle weight loss drugs.

#1: There’s No Such Thing as Magic

Okay, fine, maybe magic does exist on some stage in Las Vegas, but when it comes to losing weight, there’s no such thing. With these so called miracle weight loss drugs in particular, if it sounds like it’s too good to be true, chances are it probably is.

With so many people looking for that one magic pill, it’s no wonder that so many products pop up left and right claiming to be that miracle drug they’ve been looking for. Instead of taking the claims that a marketer, ad or label makes, be responsible and do your research. You could wind up being worse off than when you started.

#2: You Still Need to Diet

As previously mentioned, there’s no way for you to continue unhealthy habits and then turn to a “miracle” weight loss drug to lose weight. Reading the fine print of any reputable weight loss supplement like PhenQ or Garcinia Cambogia will show that if you want to lose the weight, eating a healthy and balanced diet is still essential for the pills to work. Instead of thinking of the weight loss drug as your ticket to instantly slimming down, think of it as a way to aid in the process and to boost your efforts.

#3: Yes, Exercise is Also a Necessity

To build on #2, exercise is also an essential component to losing weight. No diet pill can beat the benefits that a healthy exercise regimen has. For example, incorporating exercise into your weight loss routine helps tone up lose skin, burn more fat and create more muscle. More muscle actually means more caloric burn throughout the day. What pill can deliver all three of these benefits? None.

#4: Language Can Be Deceiving

Be wary of diet pills that claim they burn fat. Usually, when a diet makes the claim that it burns fat, what they really mean is that the pill may promote weight loss. Take green tea supplements for example. Taking green tea pills doesn’t mean that you’re going to lose weight or burn fat instantly. The caffeine in the pill, rather, can be a stimulant of weight loss or fat burn because it will promote more movement. People who work out regularly would benefit from green tea pills because it could give them an extra boost during a workout.

#5: Just Because It’s On a Shelf Doesn’t Mean It’s Safe

A common mistake that many people make when it comes to “miracle” weight loss drugs is assuming that just because it’s on a store shelf means it’s safe. While there are government agencies that regulate food items and pharmaceutical drugs, this is not true for dietary supplements (which is what diet pills really are). The best thing to do when it comes to purchasing diet pills is to do some in depth research and to check consumer reports to make sure that what you’re ingesting is actually safe.

#6: There May Be Side Effects

Consumers often assume that weight loss pills derived from natural ingredients won’t come with negative side effects. Since many of the miracle weight loss pills being promoted these days are natural, people quickly assume they are safe and start taking them without even reading the labels. This is simply not true. Green tea supplements could cause heart palpitations, for example.

#7: Have There Been Long Term Studies?

Natural or not, looking into the scientific evidence behind a weight loss drug is absolutely essential. This is where side effects and effective are properly studied. When looking into scientific studies, it’s important to check how long the scientific studies took place and what the sample size was. For example, was it conducted within a month with just 12 people? Or did the study span over 6 months with several groups of 20 subjects?

#8: Where in the Store is It?

You may not realize it, but the location of the drug in a store says a lot about its legitimacy and popularity. Generally speaking, marketing is enough for a diet pill to gain or lose popularity. The more legitimate weight loss supplements will be found with the other usually purchased dietary supplements such as biotin or Echinacea. If, however, you see the product sitting at the impulse-buy section of the store, it’s probably not a weight loss drug that you want to be taking.

#9: How Long Do You Need to Be On It?

weight loss drugs

As with any drug you plan on taking, it’s important to know how long you’re going to have to be on it for it to be the most effective. Some diet pills require just a short amount of time to start taking effect such as green tea pills, while others may need a whole month for any changes to actually start making a difference. Having this information helps you set expectations for yourself but it’s also key when it comes to budgeting so you know how many bottles you may need for the future or if you can afford a particular supplement.

#10: Understand How It Works

If you’re interested in incorporating a diet pill into your routine and have done the necessary, research into the legitimacy of the company and the brand itself, the next step would be to really understand how the pill works. For example, is it a supplement that helps you burn fat? Does it increase thermogenesis? Or perhaps it works by accelerating your metabolism. Understanding the way the pill is supposed to work will help you maximize its effects and lose more weight in the long term.



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